Friday, January 30, 2009


Where's the street? The sidewalk? Hellooo out there.
Back yard blast of winter (this is the side less covered with snow!)

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A picture's worth a thousand words- these were taken just a few minutes ago - can you find the yorkies? Just kidding, they're on a blanket, nice and warm.
Check in Monday for an awesome interview! More in the works!
I wonder if any of them were taught to knit or crochet by their grandmothers or other family members? Hmmm? Sounds like a little trivial pursuit in the Real men knit/crochet category. HeyHey!

Marg blogging from a freakin' winter wonderland today and sooo tired of shoveling.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


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Today, I'm working on some interviews for you, and basically getting caught up with knitting and book sites. I would like to share some thoughts and encouragement to all my knit and crochet readers.
We are all in the same situation basically. Learning our skills, finding out what works for us and concentrating on the next project. It's a great situation, actually, because it enables us to help, inspire and motivate our fellow knitters and crocheters with our experiences.

Many of us are self-taught to some degree, and sometimes feel self-conscious in a group of knitters or crocheters who seem faster, smarter and down right more knitterific than we could ever be. We get discouraged and give up. Please don't. If you're struggling , that's ok - it's part of the creative process and we all go through it at every level. This is where the "community" part of knitting or crochet kicks in to help guide us.

I was in a group a few years ago, and started casting on with my knitting needles, which is my preferred method. There was a uniform gasp, and I looked up and the ladies were all watching me intently. I thought, oh &%#?/ what am I doing wrong in front of all these ladies! It turns out, they had never been taught how to cast on this way and were astounded by my speed (of course they didn't know I'd been doing it that way for years) That day, I was a teacher, instead of the subject of ridicule (don't worry, there have been plenty of other times when the situation was reversed) We can be both teachers and students and I hope you will try both. It will enrich your life - and give you some amusing stories to share as well.

There are many methods to learn - pick one or two that work for you and keep on keepin' on with your projects. There's a lot of paths to Knit/Crochet land and a lot of buzz about being a fearless knitter or crocheter - and that's you baby!

Knit-Cro-Share-Go on with your bad self!

Marg (wondering if there is a knit/crochet goddess or angel out there giggling right now)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here's an excerpt from one of my patterns, Travelin'LiteMini Clutch that I thought you might enjoy if you are new to intarsia, and want to alternate color. Need additional help? Visit and click on Intarsia Anyone? and YOUR GALLERY for additional inspiration, where Debra was kind enough to send in pictures of her first projects like this. You can also visit margknittinaround on Etsy for the pattern.

KNIT - cross yarn behind needle

PURL - cross in front of needle

Cross yarn over avoids a hole in your knitting where you join two sections of color or add a new strand of yarn.

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Twist yarn under and around previous color when you knit so that there will not be a hole in your knitting…to purl you would cross over.

TIP: Take some yarn off of each ball so that you can tie on and make your color blocks more easily. You can do a butterfly wrap or wrap it around a yarn bobbin. You can find them in the sewing section or needlepoint section of your local yarn store. The flat plastic ones are the kind that I like best. Wrights Boye is found on or your local yarn store.


I know you can do it!


Marg (enjoying yet another shovel day with all the ice and snow)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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Greets to you - Still working on my LionBrand IrishLaceScarf- will be adding the edging and roses soon. Did I mention, it's a free pattern? YIPPEE!
Another goodie in the wings is also from LionBrand - OperaSleeves, Vanna's Glamour, it's not a free pattern, but definitely worth it and reasonably priced.
Busy working on getting more interviews for you to read soon. These things take time ;) but they're in the works.
I am offering a free pair of size 8 knitting needles when you purchase my book, Knit 1 for the Road on my Etsy, margknittinaround. They are smooth and durable and great for the busy knitter on the go. You will also receive the free with purchase VenturaTote pattern as well. I am offering this to my readers first, and will be offering it on Etsy soon so please dive in while supplies last. When you place your order, just put blogreader, or reader in the notes. ;)
That's all for now -
KNIT-SHARE-GO visit if you need a little roadside assistance with your knitting or crochet, fun links, or help finding a charity to knit or crochet for.
Marg (trying to stay organized)

Monday, January 26, 2009


I don't know about your knitty side of the world, but it's freezing and the snow is baack. It's also internet dodododo connection day. SCAREY! Well, to cope, I've been working on some projects I'd like to share.
The Knitting Therapy knitting experiment is going to be underway this week - for those of you who missed the blog - I will be placing the box at my chiro's office for people in the waiting room - many of his patients knit, so hopefully they'll help knit the scarf. It's really a fabulous idea my chiropracter came up with. He's a cool dude. The display box is ready, the knitting is started and hopefully the fun will begin. I will be taking more pics and tracking progress (and hopefully there will be-hence, the experiment part of this) Anyway, keep your knitting needles crossed that others will join in. When the scarf is finished, I will be donating it to Scarves from the Heart (one of our knit/crochet along charity groups). Stay tuned.
Over the weekend, I started a crocheted blanket for Tails of Hope Foundation (Blanketed with Love Campaign) This blanket is going to me a medium large blanket and it's made with Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern and will probably take two skeins. It is going to be lightweight but warm. I will give you dimensions when it's done to give you an idea of size - I'm winging it! I will also be making a knitted version soon.
I'd also like to share an amazingly easy crochet scarf from LionBrand that I'm also working on called Irish Lace Scarf. It's a free pattern also, so check it out if you're interested. I will be posting pics when it's completed.
Last, but certainly not least. I'd like to invite you all to visit Review A Book, a new community that some of my author friends have started for authors and readers alike. It's fun, friendly, easy to use and it's really taking off. You don't have to be an author to join in the fun. It's a great place for indie writers and those who enjoy their books. Check it and be surprised!

Marg in a snowglobe!
KNITTERIFIC TIP FOR TODAY...keep a crochet hook handy for those dropped stitches. It makes it sooo much easier when you're unnoticed slipped stitch is a few rows down. Grab up that loose stitch and weave it through your knitting smoothly with this tool.

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's TGIF and I'd like to give a holla' to my friends on Review A Book, an exciting new community of talented indie authors. Great for authors- Awesome for readers. Readers are welcome to give comments, reviews, and join this community. So come on over - I know you want to- the site is user friendly and is creating quite the buzz around the blogosphere.
I've added a new feature to Knit1fortheRoad on Blogger for my friends called FUN LINKS, some knitty, some not for those of you who would like to swap links. If you're interested, email me at AND you would have to link to me-heehee- hence the word swap...and don't think I don't check- are you kidding? I love seeing my link-but maybe that's just me.
That's all for now.
This has been Marg, working hard to bring fun and knitting into your world. Chao baby dolls! Knit-Share-Go check out Review a Book.

Thursday, January 22, 2009




Are you a MS FIX IT? or perhaps a MR FIX IT? When it comes to knitting, learning how to fix your mistakes - oh excuse me - accidents- is soooooo important to your sanity and your knitting future. Frustration over mistakes can sometimes be a part of the process, but it doesn't have to ruin your knitting life. I was always weak in math skills and am reminded by this subject of how - after throwing my math book at the wall, crying and moaning for at least 30 minutes always resulted in me settling down and doing my homework- SUCH DRAMA! Now that I'm a "grownup", I don't have the energy for such things and have learned to search for solutions in a more sedate manner. So please, no crumpled knitting thrown to the floor, here are a few suggestions and places to find help.

A tip that I consider valuable is to have a crochet hook (I usually keep a G or H nearby) to pick up dropped stitches- so annoying, but manageable.

Consider using the expertise of your knitting community (online or locally). Experienced knitters are usually willing to help, so do take advantage of their knowledge. Knitting techniques are still handed down - the knitting story of tradition and techniques continues! JUST THE FAQS page is full of links to sites and videos to help you with your knitting dilemmas. I have, and continue to use this page as a handy resource.

INVEST IN A BASIC KNITTING KNOWLEDGE BOOK - go to the local bookstore and check out the actual books to see which one fits your needs. Look for clear pictures, descriptions, and a glossary. Consider the size and weight of the book - you may want to bring it along with your knitting project. Think portable, but readable, also.

KnittingHelp offers videos specifically for basic knitting mistakes and for beginners.

(also on, Faq page)

I hope this gets you going in the "CAN FIX" direction...if you can knit it - you can fix it!

KNIT-SHARE-GO pick up your knitting in the corner!

Marg(shamelessly knitting in public-how 'bout you?)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's Wednessday, and I have been totally distracted by all the Inauguration celebration and fashion. On the fashion front, relaxed, yet elegant attire seems to rule. Mixing the expensive with not so expensive - yet still making an elegant statement. It's what our mothers have taught us for years! Common sense in fashion, especially for those of us who are trying to make every penny count. Young designers are coming to the forefront and it's a new age for fashion. So enjoy, incorporate some of these ideas in your own wardrobe and knitting or crochet.

Moving on to the next knit/crochet along...
TAILS OF HOPE FOUNDATION AND their BLANKETED WITH LOVE CAMPAIGN. I have been honored to know Linda Blick and participate in this organization to provide soft knit or crocheted blankets to dogs that are suffering from cancer. I have experienced the anguish of a sick puppy and still cherish the blanket that was given to me by a vet tech. So many times animals are left behind in our society and this is a great way to give back to are friends who definitely know and teach us about love. Linda Blick is a founding board member of this amazing organization which reaches out to dogs and their owners. Some of these owners have reached out themselves and adopted dogs that are already suffering and given them a warm, loving home. Linda has asked for larger blankets, as they receive so many small ones, but whatever you feel comfortable with would be gratefully received. Linda has also kept me updated and sent pics when the owner has provided them and it's a great feeling to see these dogs sitting or laying on the blanket you so lovingly made. The dogs seem to know that these blankets are made just for them. Please visit the website to see all the wonderful work that is being done AND find out some ways you can help.

I will be starting a blanket today (med/large) and will post pictures of my progress. I hope you will join me and invite you to send pics or make comments about your project. I always enjoy hearing about your projects and so do the readers.

Note: If you are unable to afford to send a blanket to Tales of Hope Foundation, than do consider making blankets locally. Check with rescue shelters in your area to see if they are accepting them and what their requirements are.

Interviews are in the works - the knitting experiment update will be posted soon- it's all good knitties!

Marg (totally thrilled today!)

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today, I am noticing a few new colors and trends for Spring 09 online, in magazines, and catalogs that I'd like to share with you. This is also about the time of year when I start to daydream about that unexpected balmy day, first buds, and light unexpected sprinkles of rain.

I'm finding soft, elegant pallettes of color and crocheted trims on blouses and frothy dresses. Lavender and golden tones, one piece jumpsuits (i know!!) that are updated, sleek and stylishly simple.

Knits will be colorful, yet soft and flowing. Head scarves, belts, and headbands will also be key accessories. Keep these trends in mind when picking out your fibers and projects for spring.

Keeping it fresh, yet simple, is always a challenge, but I know you can do it, you style divas. Look around your local yarn store and magazines- check your stash - re-evaluate colors, subscribe to free email fashion updates and alerts from your favorite knitting and fashion sites and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you come up with for spring.

Hold on to your knitting and BLAST into Spring 09 with gusto!

Marg dreaming of daffodils, warm sunshine, and fresh ideas.

Friday, January 16, 2009


The knit artist Althea Crome (Bugknits), known for her miniature knitting, has created magic in the movie Coraline. I especially love the blue pullover with stars. Can you spot the knitted items in the trailer? The movie is based on a fantasy horror book by Neil Gaiman for young on my Amazon favs widget ;) Check it!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Marg (always on the lookout for the knitworthy and knittiest)

Go Steelers!


Inauguration Day is getting close. Do you need some crafty ideas and recipes for the big day? Crafting (and a little history prep) can help teach your children all about democacy in action. Here are a couple of sites to help you get organized. Kaboose offers crafts to celebrate red white and blue, along with related links on crafts and activities. There's even a history tab to click on for the 411 on all the presidents.

Celebrations is party central with planning, prep, recipes and more. How 'bout that Mohito recipe for the adults! There are also decorationg and craft ideas, as well.

Note to my hardcore knitting readers who may not want to visit the craft zone on this blog: please don't go rambo on me- do stay tuned -I'll be back with more knitting fun on my next post.

Sooo get fired up people - celebrate, share with your friends and loved ones, save a little tme to knit or crochet and your world will be a little brighter.

Knit-Share-Go Celebrate!Marg (finding the temp still down below 0)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Valentine's Day will be here before you know it crafty folks! Here are some links with red hot (and sometimes pink) patterns for the big day. No valentine? No worries! There'll be a treat to make just for yourself - remember to always luvvv incredible you.

So feel the love and get busy - Feb is just around the corner. Boy, talk about pressure!

Crafts for the kids (get them started early ')

Are you too busy to knit or crochet right now? Try and shop for Valentine's Day items.

I heart you for stopping by.
Knit-share-go share your heart!

Marg (surrounding myself with red and orange yarn and thinking warm thoughts of higher temperatures)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's getting a little too wintry over here, so I'm posting early today.
A few weeks ago, my chiropractor asked me how my book was coming along, you know small talk stuff, and he came up with a brilliant suggestion (or at least I thougt so)
It goes like this...
I will start a knitted scarf, leave it behind with the needles and additional yarn and wait and see who picks it up and continues the knitfest. You see, my chiro and I totally believe in the healing powers of knitting - or any activity that relaxes you...sort of the zen of knitting attitude. He will keep me posted on comments or reactions and I will check on the knitting when I come in. Pretty knitty suggestion coming from a non-knitter, don't you think? We both believe there are more knitters out there than we realize and they will rock the knit at the chiro if given the chance. Kind of ties into my knitting resolution to dare to knit in public campaign.
Anyway, I will be starting the project today and will be taking it in on my next visit. I will update you on reactions or nonreactions - whatever the universe allows to happen and will document accordingly. Stay tuned, and maybe start an experiment of your own~ knit or crochet, your choice.

Knit-Share- and drink more mocha!

Marg (making HOT chilli for bitter cold ahead)

Monday, January 12, 2009


PLUSH PURPLE SCARF - SOFT AND WARM Mighty Fine DishCloths to brighten my kitchen - Pogo must have read my mind.

Today, I'd like to share with you some colorful goodies made by my friend, Pogo aka Portia. Portia drew my name for the HolidaySwap and there was much anticipation and glee among the participants. These kinds of activities are a great way to get to know someone new in the crafting community and I urge you to participate whenever possible. You will give and receive the mega gift of community. Swap, Share and Receive People!
I hear those brain cells firing ideas all the way over here...
Knit/Crochet-Share-Go celebrate community. You Amaze Me!
Marg (soaking in the colors of the day)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


(I spy fabulous knitwear downtown)


Today is the perfect knit or crochet day - the weather is gloomy, more snow and rain on the way and no interest whatsoever in any sports event on tv at this particular time. Slowed down by an oncoming cold, I decided to finish my first project for the next book and watch a Netflix movie - a great way to stay still, when the dogs and friends would rather have me up and running around.
Today's choice was the Marsh (a supernatural flic) and it was chock full of knitted hats, sweaters, scarves, etc. which really made my day to hit the knitters' motherload of entertainment. You see, ever since I started knitting and crocheting as a young girl, I was always looking for clothes on television, movies, and magazines that were handmade. Knitting and crochet were out for a bit, but they came back with a blast...and I remember the glee when I saw Heather Graham in The Spy who Shagged Me (a kid choice, for sure-during my early stepmom years) in that now famous crocheted dress. There were a few movies that were period pieces that included knitted items as well. Last year when the Golden Compass came out there was quite a buzz in the knitting world over the hats and coats worn. Project Runway offered great knitwear in the last two seasons and the new movie Doubt also has a knitted goodie - can you spot it?

Give a look, you will find knitted and crocheted items all around you. Fingerless gloves, jackets, capes and legwarmers abound. So be aware! I spy....isn't just for little kids anymore. I'm thankful for my amusing and hilarious stepdaughters for endless hours of I spy in the backseat of my little prism. I can still see them on either side of the imaginary line which prevented them from poking, sticking, or torturing each other during family outings. They had no idea that I had been playing their game myself for years. Some things are better kept secret.

Find joy in your knitting or crochet today - otherwise, what's the point!


Marg(writing under the influence of cold medicine-please don't try this at home)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today, while perusing Quick & Easy Crochet mag , I came across the Pretty Cheep Project Bags from the wonderful folks at Blue Sky Alpaca. They are washable, recession affordable, 100% cotton muslin project bags that even include a drawstring and a tag so that you can note which project is inside - cool or what!?! How many times have you crammed projects in a bag and then spend time looking for them, forgetting they were in a bag...or is it just me?

I especially love that they have silkscreened birds on them - bringing a bit of spring into your wintry day. You will cherish these little bags. Check out the website (link above) for the full description.
I hope these cute project bags brighten your day-
Knit-Share-Go grab a bag!
Marg (totally checking off some knitting resolutions this week-BOO YA!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


New Year - New Month, another chance to get organized out there in knitting land.

Knit Witty Knitter's Organizer helps you do that with a stylish notebook to help you out, no matter what craft. It's 6"x9", perfectly portable for your purse or tote, with room for business cards, pockets, notepad, needle tracker and more...and how about the colors!!! AppleGreen, RoyalBlue, Black and Fuschia are your fashionista colors of choice.

VISIT the website and get the full effect!

Happy Organizing!

Marg (getting organized in 09!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The National NeedleArts Association is coming soon to San Diego, CA! Brighten your winter mood with some fashion, supplies, and all that's new in the needlearts. You will want to check out the website for vendors and activities. If you're in the area, or like to travel, take advantage of this event...bring your Mom, your sister, grandmother, friends! The site gives you the full scoop - and Lily Chin is one of the teachers for a knitting class, ya'll....there are more amazing teachers and classes, as well. Every type of needlework is represented here. You can even register online and save a wait in long lines - we like! This is also another knitting resolution - attending events/taking classes ;) so check it off the list if you attend.

Knit-Share-Go on and dive into an event in 2009!

TNNA's West Coast Show
January 17 - 19, 2009San Diego Convention CenterSan Diego, California

Marg (having a rockin' sale on margknittinaround on Etsy)

Monday, January 5, 2009


It's the 5th of January and all that's left to take down is the Christmas tree. Normally, I don't take it down until the 5th, my Dad's birthday, and even though he's gone now, I still can't bring myself to take it down before then. Do you have any holiday traditions that you still hold onto from childhood?

on to a little knitting/felting fun...

Do you like adorable?
Are you crazy for kits?
Did you collect toys as a child or adult?
How about a KuKu doll kit from The Dolly Mamas? They are sooo fun and adorable, come in a kit and there are several to make, felt, and collect. And if that wasn't perfect enough - a portion of the sales goes to child related causes. HOORAY! I think we have a winner.

You can view these lovelies on Creative Warehouse, peruse The Dolly-Mamas site for all the crafty goodness that will astound you OR if you have the lastest copy of KnitSimple Winter 2008/09, turn to page 8 in the knits + that section. (Note: The Holiday Issue is still posted on their site and will not show the doll kits as of this writing). You can also email

More fun coming your way soon -

A Knit/Crochet Along announcement - join in!

An interview with the fabulous and busy Rachel-Marie of - we love that!

And tools of the knitting trade to keep you motivated and in style. (always a cool idea when you're knitting in public)

Also, if you liked the blog on New Year's Knitting Resolutions and would like to let us know how you're doing - which ones you accomplished, or which ones you frogged, that's ok too- please comment.

Marg going gently into 2009 knitting in public and sharing a favorite quote...

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Ghandi

and I know you will.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I first came across LivingCrafts in a local health food co-op in Pittsburgh. For some reason, I had not heard of this wonderful magazine filled with knitting, crafting, and so much inspiration. Even hard core knitters out there will want to take a look at this publication and consider the possibilities for other crafts.

I like that they not only have wonderful crafting, and knitting projects, they are also very Eco-friendly projects. The winter 2009 issue has a complete guide to Organic Wool Yarn, new knitted designs, including two from Nicky Epstein, along with some wonderful craft projects for your home and holidays. This will be a great start on those knitting resolutions from the last blog ;). So do consider your crafty side while nurturing your yarnie side in 2009.

Knit-Share-Go gently into 2009!

Marg (Daring to Knit in Public at the CoffeeTree -another knitting resolution to consider ;))

Thursday, January 1, 2009

IT'S 2009- Dream Big!



Dave and Margaret


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