Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here are a few suggestions for you to consider when thinking about your knitting or crochet future in 09. Think about where you may need more work or maybe more courage in regards to your knitting skills or projects. You may be surprised with what you come up with and the result of your efforts.

1. Always knit a gauge when required. (hard one, I know)

2. Find time to knit or crochet for charity. (difficult but extremely worthwhile to not only the one you help, but also your mind and spirit)
3. Take control of the stash! (this one stays on the list every year!)
4. Dedicate some time each week or month to share knitting projects, skills, or advice. (Easy and fun!)

5. Study new techniques and try to make at least one major knitting event each year and encourage other knitters you know to come along. (FUUUUN)
6. Check out your local yarn and craft stores for classes and free groups to join in the community. (inspiring)
7. DARE to knit in public! (adventurous and fun to document-pics or journal- for yourself or blog)
8. Listen to podcasts (relaxing and informative) Visit knit1fortheroad.com for suggestions.
9. Join an internet community for support. (like Ravelry.com.)

10. Try to enjoy the process and any happy accidents that are included in that process.

11. Document your projects by keeping a knitting journal online or on paper and include digital photos, pattern and gauge swatch.

12. Look for inspiration around you for colors, textures, or patterns that you might want to incorporate into your knitting. These ideas can also be documented for future use.

Some new things for this blog in 09 will be more interviews with knitters, business people involved in the knitting/crochet world, Etsy artists, and people who will inspire you to make a difference with your knitting.

More knitting lessons, tips, and info being added to the blog and also to www.knit1fortheroad.com. Another book is in the works and there will be a giveaway or two. You are also encouraged to send in your finished Knit 1 for the Road patterns (in the book and from my Etsy shop, margknittinaround) and any of the Knit/Crochet Along projects for charity. You may send them to knit1fortheroad@gmail.com and I will post them on the Knit 1 for the Road gallery. This is a great way to share your creativity with others. The next knit/crochet along will be announed Janurary 09 - stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you for your emails and suggestions, reading this blog, as well as visiting my Etsy shop, and purchasing any of my patterns and of course, the book.

Have a happy and safe new year's celebration and enjoy your knitting.

Marg (working on being fully present)

Monday, December 29, 2008


HAPPY ALMOST 2009! You may have noticed I've taken a few days away but now - I'm baaack - and I haven't been slacking off in finding and bringing new knitting goodies to you to help indulge your knitting side.

Namaste has a lovely tubelar bag for the knitty in you...The Knit Tube, perfect to load up yarn, needles, and all the fixins for knitting on the go. AND 3 cool colors to choose from - YUM! Cranberry, peacock and graphite - I know a difficult choice, but you can handle it. Check for a retailer on the handy Retail Locator Tab.

I hope your holiday has been wonderful - if not, than 2009 is almost here, and we get another shot at it.

knit-share-go for it in 2009!

Marg (enjoying an unseasonably warm day)

Stay tuned for more tomorrow on what's in store for 09!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



KNIT-SHARE-GO and I will be blogging again next week.

In the meantime, check out
The Host: A Novel by Stephenie Meyer, the wildly popular author of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. The Host is no teen novel - although I plan to read her other novels after seeing Twilight - adults will enjoy the story as well.

Marg (knitting and crocheting projects from my stash today)

NOTE: You may notice that the myspace video slides (right hand side of this blog) aren't always working right now due to upgrades on their site. I will be working on getting them up and running over the holiday and switched over to blogger. You can still click on the CafePress link and go directly to the shop. Upgrades, UGH!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Just in from a busy weekend visiting with my beautiful and accomplished stepdaughter I often referred to as Cookie, as she was growing up and will refer to her now in order to maintain her privacy. Anyone who has known a teen, met a teen, or has lived with a teen knows they consider this of mega-importance when dealing with the adults. Dad and I rushed around showing Cookie as much of the really cool sites that Pittsburgh offers this time of year as we could. If you have not visited Pittsburgh, lately, the whole city is at its shiney best this time of year and well worth the visit. Between festive events and visiting with her Dad's family, Cookie expressed an interest in knitting. Well, my feet left the ground and I was filled with knitty glee! I have been hoping for this moment for several years and this was music to my ears. When I finally came back to planet Earth, I proceeded to give her a set of size 8 size knitting needles, yarn and basic instructions to get her going...and boy did she go! It's always easier to teach someone who is ready and wants to learn. I was so proud of how well she was able to catch on and her dedication to learn. Yippee!!! This was the greatest gift of all - passing on the gift of knitting to someone I love. My sister, Lea inspired me to knit and now I have passed this inspiration on to another and come full circle. Sharing and helping someone learn is the greatest gift you can give and receive and when it occurs out of the blue and during the holiday - KAPOW! that's just the universe working it's usual magic with a sense of humor.

My wish for all of you is to share your gifts and talents during the holidays and through the new year. Watch the amazing events unfold before you.


Marg (wedged between two snoozing yorkies)

Friday, December 19, 2008


This morning I rec'd an email from one of my handmade gift recepients filled with glee! I just love it when people "Totally Get" the handmade gift, made with tender loving care and crafty skill. I do have relatives that wouldn't touch a handmade item if it meant they could save the planet, but that's another blog.

Today, while I was getting the house ready and sneaking in some much needed knit and crochet time, I heard Joy on the View give a big shout out to Etsy. I shouted back hooray at the television and danced around! I hope the cajillion viewers totally get handmade too.

Knit-Share your knittiness and Go Green. You're AMAZING!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I don't know about you - but I need a little inspiration to stay motivated with all the rush and family plans, etc. Here are two books I really love and would like share with you to inspire and motivate your knitting side for awhile and leave the holiday rush side in idle. Take a big ole breath and dive in to the peaceful world of knitting inspiration. AHHHH! So good.

The Knitting Way by Linda T. Skolnik and Janice MacDaniels

Mindful Knitting: Inviting Contemplative Practice to the Craft by Tara Jon Manning

These also make mindful gifts for a knitter.

Great - now go share a little inspiration and inner peace with your friends and family.

Knit-Share-Go Mindfully into your day

Marg (working on the next installment of Knit 1 for the Road)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As adults, we are sometimes shy about making a wishlist for Santa. LoopsKnitting.com has come up with a great way to help your Santa navigate through the knitting world to bring you what you really need and desire. Check out this knitfabulous Christmas letter for ideas and help for your Santa. Here's to no more dazed and confused Santa's wandering in the aisles of your favorite yarn store.

Save Santa Now!
Marg - watching big fat snowflakes fall outside the office window.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Knitted, Fringed and Wrapped

The last of the knitted presents is finished - Hooray!
This fabulous throw is one of LionBrand's handy free patterns and knits up quickly which we like, right? (4 strands of Jiffy yarn and Size 50 BigStix) It's called Fast Finish Throw Pattern #: 60681A and is rated Beginner. Once finished, you will have a nice warm and colorful addition to your home, office, or car.

The pattern grabbed my attention so I made it for my husband, Dave who is always trying to take my throw - yes, Virginia, men get cold too! Now he will have his own and no girls allowed. One has to wonder - Do we ever really evolve past grade school?

Thanks for all the holiday cards, emails and coming by my Etsy shop. You are awesome!

New book, new patterns, more interviews with fellow knitters/crocheters, Knit/Crochet charities, Indie artists and more are in store for you in the coming year. That's my present for you.


Marg (chief elf of all things fun, frivolous and knitworthy)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wristy Bizness

New pattern on my Etsy shop margknittinaround.

Looking for a little something to keep those wristy's warm? Snatch this adorable, quick and easy pattern. You will also receive a free pattern with your purchase!!! Awesome prices for a signed copy of Knit 1 for the Road and Knit 1 for the Road kits and patterns.

Shop On...


Friday, December 12, 2008


tissue, fabric paint, yarn, clear glitter

felt, beads, fabric paint, cloth wrapping, combined yarn and cloth strips in bow

Trader Joe's bag and handle(the kids favorite place to shop) collage of characters, and cartoons geared for their kid humor, and yarn

Scarves wrapped with yarn and metallic (wired) bow and stitch marker atttached - hand made note. What better wrapping than the colorful scarf itself?!

Handmade notes on inspiration for scarves. It's been my experience that people like a little story or blurb to go with their knitted item.

ADVENTURES from my eco-wrapping treasure hunt...Yesterday, I was totally caught up in eco-wrapping presents for friends and family I didn't have the mental strength to blog - I know - can you believe it? I'm making up for it today and sharing my crafty recycle, reuse wrapalicious creations. so there - i confess - i got totally swept away by holiday craziness. keep in mind that these were created for each personality - witty and hip tweens n' teens to 50 is the new 30 crowd.
I hope you'll consider recycling and reusing items on your packages this year. It's a great way to spread awareness and teach kids about the importance of recycling. You can even make it a family project! Use kid energy, imagination and make amazing holiday gift wrapping. Send them on a hunting expedition for useable items and share in the creation.
Happy Holiday Knitting, Crocheting and Crafting!
Marg (enjoying all the cards and messages from Knitters for Obama cardswap on Ravelry)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every time I go to an event, I pick up a pair of Serendipity knitting needles which are smooth wooden needles with decorative polymer clay finials. They're fun, sturdy and make a great conversation piece. Don't be surprised if people - especially kids, are drawn to you when you're knitting with these decorative knitting needles. You can find them online at FlyingFingers, one of my favorite online shops. Each pair is unique. Do visit the sites for pics of these fun needles.

Hooray for uniqueness!


Marg (working on a holiday wrap with moda dea, tweedle dee - so fun!)

Visit margknittinaround for Knit 1 for the Road patterns, kits, and recession busting deals and a free pattern with purchase!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008



Are you an amigurumi lover? How about a dozen chinese zodiac ami's from one simple pattern? I thought that might get your attention. If you have the latest knit.1 mag you can turn to pgs 22-23. If not, no worries you can go to Knit.1 online for all the cute, adorable ami madness! These playful designs are brought to you by Ana Paula Rinoli and are all made with LionBrand's Vanna's Choice Yarn.

Do grab the Fall /Winter Knit.1 mag if you can - it's jam full of knitting wonder!


Marg wishing you fabulous yarn for the holidays!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Gather 'round the knitting couch - I'd like to start the week off with an interview with Marilyn King of Abbeyyarns.com. I met Marilyn at the Knitters Connection event in Ohio and recently at StitchesEast in Maryland. I was taken in by the beautiful yarns, awesome color cards and display booth as well as Marilyn's keen ability to make her customers feel welcome. I felt like a bit of Ireland had come to me.
I encourage you to visit the website and take in the yarnie goodness for yourself. You will definitely make Marilyn your first stop when she comes to an event near you.

Now click those knitting needles together for a warm knitfabulous welcome for our guest, Marilyn King!

Q. Marilyn, how and when did you start the shop?

A. I don’t actually have a shop. I have a home-based business and focus on internet sales and participation in selected knitting events. I started the business 10 years ago.

Q. Where are you located when you’re not traveling?

A. I live in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb in Denver.

Q. Why did you start your business?

A. I started the business after traveling to Ireland where I found a mill that produced the yarn I sell. I thought it provided a business opportunity so I wrote a marketing plan, presented it to the mill owner who liked the idea.

Q. How many events do you attend a year?

A. Last year I attended 7 events around the country.

Q. Wow! Do you have any tips on handling the stress of traveling?

A. Take your knitting!

Q. Any tips for those who would like to begin their own business?

A. Have a good business plan, stick to it, and have enough operating capital to weather the ups and downs. Remember that you need to be customer focused and that you won’t be able to knit nearly as much as you want to.

Q. What is your favorite yarn?

A. The yarn I sell!
Since I don’t have a shop, but only sell two types of yarn, I’d have to say those are my two favorites.

Q. Who’s your favorite designer?

A. Kathy Zimmerman would have to be high on the list

Q. Do you create your own designs?

A. Yes

Q. How do you pick the items you sell?

A. I have chosen to stay very focused- just selling yarn from Ireland, so other items I sell relate directly to that yarn. So I sell buttons that compliment the yarn and only patterns that are appropriate for the yarn.

Q. What’s your favorite food to eat when traveling?

A. Plain M & M s

Q. How do you stay motivated?

A. Good question. After 10 years I still love what I do. I think there is always that desire to do better and so far that seems to motivate me. Feedback from customers definitely helps!

Q. What’s the most important aspect of your business that brings you joy?

A. The wonderful support I get from customers- both in terms of repeat business and helpful feedback.

Q. Where would you like to be in 10 years?

A. Knitting more and maybe traveling a little less.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to mention to the readers? Upcoming events, sales, etc.

A. I have finally started a newsletter and would love to encourage anyone interested in receiving it to sign up at my website (http://www.abbeyyarns.com/)

Thank you so much, Marilyn, for taking time out for this interview. Your tips, experience and enthusiasm are definitely encouraging to all of us who are striving to knit, work, and balance our lives, as well as control our intake of those yummie plain m & m's.

I hope you have enjoyed today's interview. There will be more in the future so stay tuned!



Friday, December 5, 2008


Searching for the perfect knitting tool to add to your wishlist or a valuable present for a knitter? Check out the WPI Tool and KnitCard. Portable, and handy for checking yarn weight and gauge which can vary according to the manufacturer. Sooo helpful - I knew you'd love this tool. Knit Picks has them now, along with some other small knitting accessories that fit your recession buster budget.
Keep wishing! Keep thinking, who needs my knitting/crochet skills today? And keep changing peoples' lives with your inspiring wit and knit/crochet attitutude. Small steps, huge changes - you ROCK!
Knit - Share - Go!
Marg (looking forward to a wintery weekend of hot chocolate and knitting)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


AnnieAdams Pewter Knitting Magnets are now available at DreamWeaver! Just added today, as a matter of fact. Hey, I keep up with these things for the knitty hearted. A nifty little stocking stuffer for you or a yarnie friend! Just a little something to add to your wish list ;) and make you smile.

Enjoy another day and opportunity to Knit-Share-Go!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Can yarnies do other crafts? What happens when glitter slams into yarn? Are dinasaur bandaides appropriate for papercuts? These are the questions that came to mind when I decided to declare this Christmas handmade, recycled, but not reused as in regifting (OH NO!)

I decided to break out the glitter and go ala Crafty Chica style. I just love Kathy's work and her great spirit. If you have not seen her work -DOOO visit her website and enjoy the craftyness. This year I made some handmade ornaments for friends and customized them by cutting out colors, designs, animals and words that reminded me of them gluing them to a plain glass ornament. I added glittter, modpodge, and some cheap hairspray to seal the glitter and yarn bow in place...most dollar stores carry these items and you can create your collage using catalogs or magazines.

No Christmas would be complete without a warm scarf in a fun pattern to make. This pattern is the Matsuri Scarf pattern and knits up quickly. The yarn is Nuance.

Last, but not least, a 4 stranded throw made with big sticks! These needles are US size 50 (25mm) and the yarn is Jiffy by LionBrand and the pattern is a FAST Finish Throw which is a FREE pattern ;)

Well, as you can see, I have to get busy and finish my Fast Finish Throw!

Knit-Share-Gooooo HO HO HO!

Marg (needs a Christmas punch to get through all the madness - and maybe a monster cookie, too)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Connecticut Etsy Team will be in North Haven CT on December 6 from 10-4 at the North Haven Holiday Inn. Visit the link to get the scoop on vendors, location, and do support them :) It's a great way to show your enthusiasm for the creative, hardworking handmade crafter and grab unique items for those lucky people on your gift list.

If you aren't in the area, but would still like to visit these fantabulous shops- no worries - there's an Etsy link to each vendor on the link above. :) I got your back.

There's something for everyone...and will leave you more time to Knit-Share-Go!

Marg (working on some hand dyed yarn today)

Monday, December 1, 2008


Knitting holiday neckwear and need a handy clasp? MagKnit has just that perfect item for you that will help you give a finished look to your knitted scarves and neckwear. It's also an elegant clasp for any beadwork - hooray! DreamWeaver also has them available along with patterns. There are several options to choose from to make your neckwear unique. Just another cool item I saw at Stitches East. ;)

Hope you all are navigating through the holiday season smoothly and making some relaxing knit and crochet time. It's a tough balancing act for sure so be kind to yourself. I've been pretty turbo for the past few weeks too. Knitters need plenty of excercise, good food, and a healthy knit attitude.

Now back to your regularly scheduled knitting!

Marg (feverishly working on hubby's present tonight)

VISIT knit1fortheroad.com for fun links, info, and more!


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