Monday, December 31, 2012

Cooking Cowls!

Happy almost 2013!  I'm getting an early start on 2013 charity knitting and cooking to celebrate.


The cowls are for Annie's Gifts for Chemo and the cooking is for the cold blustery new years day coming our way.  I cast 40 sts on US size 9 needles with Lion Brand Yarn Wool Ease (worsted weight) in a simple garter stitch in three different colors and then joined after about 18". If you decided to switch to another stitch pattern in the center, for instance, make sure you have the proper amount of stitches to incorporate it.  What could be more inviting than a comfy warm and wonderful cowl and quick stash buster for the new year? Add a button, experiment with color and allow your imagination and creativity to guide you.

knit1fortheroad on blogger
knit1fortheroad on blogger

The beans and mix for the soup is from Frontier Soups (sausage and bean soup)  It's a tasty start to the new year, and you just add a few extra ingredients with spicey sausage (or go vegetarian).  It will be a great meal for a cold wintery day.

knit1fortheroad on blogger

Celebrate, reflect and start the year with gusto...toss out the old and disfunctional and bring in the new possibilities.

Happy 2013 everyone!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crafty Wonderland...

LionBrandYarns free knit pattern
Lion Brand Yarns free knit pattern, Comet Tail Hat  You will need to login to see the pattern.
Thanks for the well wishes everyone!  They have definitely helped me to a speedy recovery.  I'm happy to say that I'm off the crutches and getting back to normal...whatever that is!  Today, I wanted to take a few moments to share some sites that caught my eye.  This season always brings out the crafty charity in our hearts, so why not indulge in a crafty good time for ourselves and for charity.  It's a great way to heal the heavy hearts that we all share after the recent events.  Make something special, share it and bring a little joy into someone's life this season.
Hugs to all of my crafty friends and your big hearts.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Kid sized and almost ready to ship...

Kid sized slippers knit for The Pink Slipper Project...
Recently, I came across a Pink Slipper Project post on Facebook putting the word out that they needed certain items for their latest project. It's so wonderful to see how the knitting (and crochet, and sewing) communities jump in to help out and pitch in any way they can when needleart charities really need their help.
By the way, you may have noticed that the little green slipper is missing the mate.  It's patiently waiting for me to pick up my needles and finish tonight. There's also a comfy cowl going in the package, as well. 
Visit The Pink Slipper Project website to find out more about what they are doing and ways you can help.
Have a beautiful weekend of giving and receiving love, respect, and creativity.
Note:  Joyce at The Pink Slipper Project is home now from the hospital.  Visit their facebook page for updates on her progress, and please keep Joyce in your prayers and thoughts.  Thank you.
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Friday, November 30, 2012

My new go to...


Lucy Neatby Knit Pattern Scrunchie Hat or Headband
Are the holiday doin's getting too stressful?  Why not try a realaxing knitting project to calm your nerves?  While my world has been spinning a little too quickly lately, I decided to try this lovely one skein (or stash buster-yay!) pattern by designer Lucy Neatby. I knitted my scrunchie hat with Boku from Plymouth Yarn on US size 8 (5.0) circular and/or dpns, but there are handy charts and info to help you figure out gauge with different sized needles and yarn suggestions. There are also instructions for completing this project as a headband. It has been my go to hat since it came off the needles and I've really enjoyed wearing such a comfortable hat. 
Hope you're knitting and staying stress free.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Universe Responds

Communiqués: The Universe Responds: Trust that the universe responds to your needs and desires and that opportunities arise, circumstances are made known and situations for y...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. The link above is something I came across today and wanted to share with you.  I found it to be a great inspiration and reminder for all of us.

Be well and knit often...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a finished project is a beautiful thing...

All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.

I just finished free knitting pattern, Marley Scarf. Yay!  This would make a beautiful gift for someone on your list and the perfect on the go or lunchtime project.

For you! Autumn inspiration from Brookside Gardens this past weekend...

 All rights reserved.
Knit often!
Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Simply Yarnie Creations...

Today, I made a visit to one of my favorite websites,  I came across the most delightful artful yarnie shop called cornflowerbluestudio.  The designer and owner is the absolutely amazingly talented Rachel Hunnicutt.  Take a look!

After the storm...

All rights reserved.

All rights reserved

All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.
We were lucky to come through Hurricane Sandy safely here.  These pics were taken at one of my favorite places to visit, Pickering Creek Audubon Center.

Remember to enjoy a deep relaxing breath today with your knitting and count each blessing with every stitch.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

A cozy bolero...

We had so much down time due to Sandy, I decided to dive into some WIP's and this bolero is one of them. The Cozy Bolero is knit with super bulky yarn and makes a quick weekend projet.  The pattern is very clear and easy to follow. 
Our hearts go out to everyone who is suffering due to the loss of family members and the destruction of hurricane Sandy.  We are all in it together.
Margaret (is very grateful tonight)
“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A day of inspiration...

A day of inspiration is always a gift, and today has been one of those days.  Do you find that it always pays to listen to your intuition, hunches, and that teenie voice urging you to go ahead and try something new... and it's always smooth sailing ahead from there?  I've spent my life doing this, and it's always worked well for me and not so well when I didn't pay attention to it.  Like many of you, I've been looking for a new pattern for a fall/winter bag.  The catalog arrived in the mail, and although I was working at the time, I felt urged to thumb through it quickly... landed immediately on page 20 and there it was, the Intwined Felted Bag Kit in blue green

and brown

and designed by Meghan Jones  The Pattern Dowload (alone) is $4.99. The kit is on sale for $25.99 (a 26% discount).

Follow your intuition, embrace your creativity, and knit like there's no tomorrow!


Visit for free patterns
MargKnittinARound on Etsy
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hodgepodge of gifty goodness and free patterns...

Today I have a hodgepodge of knitting glee for Fall and Winter...get ready, here we go! has a wonderful way of making you want to knit and crochet with so many quick, easy and colorful patterns.  Check out the new free patterns for the home for instant inspiration! 

Knit Outta the Box is another favorite of mine.  They offer knitting kits, patterns, and cozy wearable items. Check it!

Halloween Holla...

LionBrand scores again.

Purple Kitty is a good source  for Halloween projects of all types.
Give them a look.

Gifting opportunities at... is always one of my favorite stops for the Fall season.  They have an array of free patterns great for gift giving.   Right now, I'm working on a couple of projects from their shop and will share them soon. Check out the patterns for sale, too. You don't want to miss out on a great knitting experience.  I've found their patterns to be well written and excellent quality.

Visit, and check out the Soakbox.  There are six variations of boxes to choose from. The Soakbox is pure goodness for a knitter or crocheter and are sure to keep the recepient smiling. 

Shades of Winter: Knitting with Natural Wool from - absolutely gorgeous!

There's your pattern and gifty goodness roundup...

Give your creative spirit a hug today and remember to bring your knitting and crochet with you wherever you roam.

Margaret-can't wait to have a pumpkin spice coffee from Panera Bread - with whip cream of course :)

Hold on, man. We don't go anywhere with "scary," "spooky," "haunted," or "forbidden" in the title. ~From Scooby-Doo

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caps and a new Stitch.Rock.Knit-Along!

All rights reserved

All rights reserved.
I can't believe it's Tuesday already!  Here's what I've been working on for KOL
There's a fun new knit along in your future.  Check out  Bernat's newsletter for the latest Stitch.Rock.Knit-Along with Vickie Howell.
Next post... pattern roundup for a festive Fall season. Stay tuned and remember to knit your cares away!
Margaret (enjoying a rainy day and checking off the to do list as fast as I can so I can squeeze in some more knitting for charity)

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Friday, September 28, 2012

iGive for Knots of Love!

Reminder:  Click on iGive to donate to Knots of Love.

Join me in helping rasie money for Knots of  Love.  iGive is an easy way to shop at some of your favorite online stores and donate to charity.  It's free to sign up, plus there are some great discount offers.

Here's to joyful giving, knitting and crochet opportunities!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy and a Hat

Last week was my birthday...thanks for all the birthday wishes on FB and Twitter, by the way.  It was sweet of all of you to take time out to do that and your efforts were appreciated.  My husband, Dave took me for a 2 hour kayak tour at the Assateague State Park.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day to explore the natural habitat and the wild horses that live there.  We had a small group and the friendly staff of Super Fun Eco Tours gave a relaxing and educational tour.  It was a nice way to spend a beautiful
autumn day.

A little something I've been working on...this one will not have the pompom as pictured below from the original pattern.

Dull Roar Rooty Hat Knitting Pattern from Noble Knits and made with Manos del Uruguay Maxima Wool Yarn (or you can use similar worsted weight yarn).

     "No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face." -  John Donne.

Happy Autumn Knitting,

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Bag! The Harlow from Namaste

Great knitting bags are like candy corn, hot chocolate and late night knitting for the knitter's soul.  Namaste has done it again with their new bag, The Harlow.  This latest treasure is roomy with pockets and compartments to keep you organized whether you're using it for a project bag, a versatile handbag or both.  I find that the Namaste bags work well for everyday use and you get a lot of wear out of them. Plus, they are comfy, beautiful, PVC free, and made with vegan faux leather...  AND the colors!!!

I found the best deal($85 with FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.on orders over $75- $4 U.S. shipping on ALL others) at Jimmy Bean's Wool.
 The Harlow and other great knitting project bags can also be found at KnitPicks, and DreamWeaverYarns.  Shop around for the best pricing and availability. 
Check your local yarn stores, too! 

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bettie Sock Rock...

©Margaret Nock, All rights reserved.
Recently, I started a new pair of comfy socks made with Donna Seex's Bettie Sock Superwash Merino in Island in the Sun from her lovely Etsy shop Skeindalous. Don't you just love the name? I'm using a toe up version sock pattern (Try the free knit pattern:Beginner Socks for Magic Loop Toe-Up Version from Liat Gat at make such wonderful projects to knit anytime really, but especially when you're traveling.   It's a very theraputic experience to knit, enjoy the scenery and take a break from work...

Check out an adorable crochet pattern called Owl Mug Wrap Crochet Pattern and a super cute Candy Corn Cocoon & Cap Knitting Pattern, both free from Red Heart.

You just have to be smiling and knitting or crocheting something wonderful this weekend.

Be kind to yourself,
Margaret (making time for kindness in life)

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Knots of Love needs your vote!

Please help Knots of Love with your vote!
   Your vote is a quick and easy way to help this wonderful organization and would mean so much for so many in need.  Vote Sept 6 - 19th and spread the word to family and friends. 
Vist the Knots of Love website for more info!
Please take a moment to read this messsage from Christine...
How to Help
Supporters can help by simply voting for Knots of Love through the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook Chase Community Giving program on Facebook starting Sept. 6. Chase Bank customers can also vote on the bank’s website. Voting will continue until Sept. 19. You can also earn a third vote by sharing a link to the Chase Community Giving app on your Facebook timeline. If one of your Facebook friends then links to their own timelines and casts a vote, you will earn a bonus vote, which you can use either on one of the charities you already voted for, or a third charity.
3. One BONUS vote by sharing a link to Chase app

From our hearts to yours, I thank you for your time and your votes!
Christine Fabiani
Check out this video!
Hope you're knitting and voting!
Margaret (voting for KOL! yay)


Monday, August 27, 2012

This just in...

Sockupied eMag Fall 2012 issue is now available!

Happy sock knitting :)
Margaret (enjoing the sun after a weekend of heavy thunderstorms)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

New Colors are Invigorating!

©Margaret Nock, Knit1fortheroad blogspot.  All rights reserved.
Revamp your stash, reevaluate your style and color, and move forward into Fall 2012 Knitting. It's also the perfect time to donate, share and swap your knitting yarn and supplies that you no longer need.

August is the ideal time to puruse your favorite yarn stores online or in person and take in the new colors and fibers for Fall 2012.  Feel the inspiration of new patterns and trends that you see. There are sales, sales, sales on all sorts of items, so do check your supplies for anything you may need. Visit your local yarn store and enjoy the uplifting feeling and a realization that Fall Knitting 2012 is just around the corner.

My first stop for a color check for any season, really, is Pantone.
I often listen to  podcasts, like KnitPicks  Podcast : PodcastEpisode 194: New Fall Yarns 2012.Many of your favorite online yarn and craft stores have podcasts and videos to help you now.  They're always super excited to share what's new for the Fall Knitting Season. They enthusiasm is catchy though, I have to warn you.

Enjoy the uplifting feeling and a realization that Fall Knitting is just around the corner. 
Margaret (more uplifted feelings,less Monday madness)  
©Margaret Nock.™ All rights reserved.
Knit1fortheroad™  content, patterns, and photographs are the property of Margaret Nock,™  and for non-commercial (personal) use only. Unauthorized reproduction, sale in whole or in part, or distribution of the content, pattern, or knit items is prohibited.
All rights reserved.

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