Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Did you notice?

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15 years of smooth sailing...

Today its all about sharing with you and a huge Thanks to all for the well wishes for the big 15th Anniversary last week.  

Every picture has a backstory.  We were experiencing 100+ heat resulting in limper hair styles -however, this didn't stop us as we managed to zip through all the appts, work, and roadblocks of our day to make it to our date on the Spirit of Baltimore  Harbor Dinner Cruise! (thank goodness for Groupon.com for the helpful discount on tickets) We figured 15 years warranted a bigger celebration this year.  The crew was fun and entertaining, the music was great for all kinds of dancing and the food was yummy. Dave and I celebrated without cell phones, ipads, internet, and yes knitting - forgive me (haha) or any worries.  Mother nature provided a heavy rainfall on the way back to the car - but we held up under shelter with some really nice people, so even that wasn't a big disaster.   I couldn't help but notice that we were all there in different stages of love.  There was a new young couple on a date, a couple with a small baby, an older couple out on the town and Dave and I, midway in our married life.  It was a wonderful experience to see these various stages of love being expressed all in one place.  I will always remember that experience and cherish it.

Make every day a BIG anniversary for yourself - celebrate each day and see those worries and bad situations diminish in importance. Make love your priority today.

More knitting blog posts coming...and some exciting news!Remember to take time to knit a little love in the meantime!

Margaret (did you notice Spirit was involved in this equation?- just sayin') 

Monday, July 23, 2012

boldly ripping, restarting and enjoying the creative process

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Today I felt moved to encourage you all, especially newer knitters, to allow yourself permission to make mistakes.  Any time we make mistakes in knitting, or our lives, we are learning an important lesson which encourages us to study more, find new teachers and experiment.  Please don't allow the fact that you might have to restart, rip out or take a time out on any knitting project that you're working on.  It's simply part of your knitting experience and we all go through it.

I once had a painting instructor that said - "Don't let your work become too precious to you" - I thought about this absurd comment (seemed to me at the time) and I soon learned that when something becomes too precious when we're being creative it can actually block or hold us back from exploration and the fluidity of our creativity.

This is something to consider if you ever get discouraged with your projects.

Margaret (boldly ripping, restarting and making room for growth in my creative process)

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A new knit along...

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riding along looking for rainbows

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with my knitting in my lap

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and Molly at my side

I've been enjoying the view, knitting for a new Stitch.Rock.Knit-along on the road, and spending time with family this past week.  Get the scoop on the upcoming knit along on Facebook at Stitch.Rock.Knit-along with Vickie Howell. We'll all be knitting the delightful Bean(ie) Town slouchy beanie with Sheep(ish) Yarn

Join in the fun.  Grab the latest copy of Knit Simple
for the knit pattern which should be in your local yarn and craft stores around the 24th of July (sooner if you subscribe!)

Allow love into your life this week and always bring your knitting along for a quick stress release break.

Luv luv! Margaret

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Stitches from the Heart

Recently, I received an email from Teresita (Seaside Purl) of Hearts of Love on Ravelry.com sharing with me that this great charity organization, Stitches from the Heart, just celebrated its 15th birthday. Hooray! 

Here's Teresita message in her own inspiring words about her involvment with Stitches from the Heart:

 I have been a member and Area Representative for the Elk Grove-Sacramento Chapter that I started back in 2008 (June) which was the same year that I started HEARTS of LOVE. My chapter is local and I get together once a month with the knitters and crocheters that are members and we do what we love to do….. make baby creations for SFTH which then distributes them to newborns in hospitals across the country.
This year we have a new director that has taken over after the Founder and former director of SFTH decided to retire. We have a goal of trying to reach one million handmade creations which then will allow us to have a national spokesperson and thus get the word out to many more crafters.
We have chapters in states across the country but are hoping to add more states to the SFTH Family. I have been helping and spending time this summer promoting SFTH and getting the word out about this wonderful organization which is a non-profit baby charity organization.
Please visit SFTH on Facebook or website for more information about this organization.  On Ravelry?  Feel free to contact Teresita of the Hearts of Love Group on Ravelry if you are interested in helping knit or crochet items or starting your own group of SFTH knitters and crocheters in your area.  Please help spread the word!
I hope you will look for ways to celebrate the wonderful community of charity knitting and crochet. Open your heart and mind to receiving the gift of creative giving.  For those of you who already have, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Have a wonder filled week.
Margaret (enjoying the chance to begin again today)
For Your Spirit from Me ...
Take a few moments to find the beauty that surrounds you wherever you go today.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simply Red

You may have noticed I've taken a few days off from bloggingI hope you've been creative since you last stopped by.  This is my post for the 3Beeutiful Things Group today on CreatingTheHive called  Simply Red and I'd like to share it with you here.  Try adding different shades of red in small doses to your knit and crochet projects and feel the energy of red!
Things are popping around here and I will be back to my regular knitting, blogging, and sharing with you all the knit and crochet goodness that comes my way.  Tweeting and fb likie love is ongoing so you can check there as well :)

Allow the color red to surround you in your daily life...

in your art and crafts projects...

and in your garden.  Seek out the color red in the park or along the path of your favorite
 nature walk.

Creating The Hive - Join me!

While I was an art student, I discovered a reluctance to using red freely in my artwork.  There was a little fear there, I’ll admit it.  My intuitive professor was aware of this reluctance and taught me how to balance strong colors like red and incorporate them into my artwork.  This lesson of balance released my fear and I began to use all my colors more freely.
Embrace the color red and increase your daily enthusiasm.  Allow red to inspire confidence and a sense of protection against fear and daily anxiety.  Red will stimulate your energy and encourage you to take action.  You only need a small amount of red to feel the sensations and vibrancy of this wonderful  color.  Close your eyes and see the color red to help you feel these sensations.   Add this color to your wardrobe, home décor, art and craft projects and discover how it makes you feel.
Enjoy the vitality of the color red in your life.  You are fearless!
Tomorrow is the 4th of July here in the US.  Happy happy!  Be safe and enjoy the day.

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