Monday, August 31, 2009

How is your knitting App-titude?

Two new knitting apps have arrived for you lucky ones who own an iPhone out in knitland...Both are brought to you by the fine folks at Ashland-Sky.

The first one is called KnitGauge and the other is iKnit Needle Sizer (which is coming soon). Helpful, yes, but we NEEED more apps! So please, if you have any ideas for knitting, crochet, or any of the other needlearts, please contact them with your ideas.
Shop Update!
Margknittinaround is still having that BIG OLE' Sale so take advantage while you can!
Knit 1 for the Road (signed copy) only $5 + shipping
All patterns on sale...
Whole Kit and Kaboodle Kits back in stock.
Free Ventura Tote Pattern free with order.
You emailed - I listened...handmade items are coming! Stay tuned.
That's it for now.
Marg (wishing I could have an iPhone before they become extinct relics)

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'll take a bag with that art, please...

It's apparent, by now, to all of you who read my blog, that I've been obsessed with bags, art, crafts, reusing and recycling since my art school days and the obsession is growing. I thought you might like to share in my love of art and really cool bags today. I came across The Limited Art Edition from Freitag. Their bags are recycled exhibition banners from the finest contemporary art museums.

The Messenger Bags are also worth a peek.

Be sure and go by their Concept page to read a brief explanation of what and how their products are made - you will be empressed by this Swiss company. They make their bags from sturdy and used truck tarpaulins, car seat belts, airbags, and bicycle inner tubes.

Quality, art, and recycling all in one bag!

Hope you've enjoyed this brief look in to my version of bag heaven.

Marg (car parts have a whole new meaning for me now)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Birthday Basket for Dave

Today is all about using what you have. We're having a birthday soon at our house and we're keeping it simple. This year, due to the move, a lot of items that I kept on had for wrapping were recycled or given away. I managed to pull some things together to brighten packages and use up every day items. Wrapping was quick and easy with smoothed out tissue of varying colors and decorated with a swatch of bulky yarn and a decorative cardboard top that said Happy Birthday which survived the move.

For cards, the dogs and I made one together - with a hodge podge of stickers, paint, small left over stock paper glued together and of course yarn and a tiny dog bone to tie it all together. Brown being the predominant color - the dog's favorite of course!

all the dogs favorite things + smooches for Dave

and a messy paw print for authenticity!

punch hole/yarn and doggie biscuit keep it all together

This year I decided to collect some funny quotes about aging that fits Dave's personality and sense of humor. This one was made with computer birthday paper that I've had for awhile. You can also use plain paper and decorate it with whatever computer programs you have.

Next, I collected all the items and put a nice scarf in the bottom of a basket that was part of a craft show exhibit, added a remnant bow and there you have it!

Fun, easy and inexpensive to pull together. Birthday wrapping sessions are a great way to practice reusing very usable items, saving your money, and still have a great looking package. Include friends and family. Pool your resources and have more choices - swap ideas and enjoy the community of creativity. Teach your children about reusing and recycling and you can share it together. Some very ordinary things look extraordinary with a little color, embellishment, and a dash of glee - so give it a'll be plesantly surprised.

Enjoy you new adventures in recycling, re-using, and making some fabulous fun!

Marg (considering new gleeful adventures!)




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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Craft Cure Coming Up!

Max patiently waiting on the porch to be let out to play - he chews a bone for amusement, but occasionally gets involved with crafting, but not today.

Today, I tried a little crafting to keep me in one place today. Here's what I came up with...

First off! That fabulous CraftCorps Stencil Set from Vickie Howell and that I've been pining for arrived and I was able to stencil (very easily, I might add)a denim tote that's been screaming - EMBELLISH ME, for awhile! It's been ages since I've stenciled anything, but I have to tell you, this was a breeze- I even added a little glitter to honor the wonderful Crafty Chica!

In progress. Glitter was sprinkled over the wet paint - easily peel off the stencil when dry. Easy or what!?
This color combo was turquoise and chocolate (they had me at chocolate) on blue denim. Vickie, who was kind enough to tweet me back with a color suggestion. Thanks Vickie!

My version of Owlbert

Moving on - you may remember the post yesterday regarding Owlbert - a free downloadable pattern from John W. Golden. (we likie). Well, here's my version of the cutie and he now watches over me in my office. Another easy and DElightful project to keep me occupied while I'm recovering. I think you'll find it fun too - there are so many ways to decorate this fellow. He's partial to offices, the fridge, or anyplace you need something happy.
Recovery from many things - even a tragedy - can be helpful, in its own way. I've learned to have a little fun, relax and acknowledge my limitations. I also notice how, when I'm sick - ideas flood my brain and I get fired up for another project. Sometimes nagging problems diminsh or get solved in a way I never thought of before.
Tune in next time to see how recycle, reuse and redecorating activities come in handy, for a birthday boy, and the pets.
Craft for the cure of whatever is bothering you and it will vanish into thin air...POOF! Much better.

Marg (trying to visualize poof and laughing)

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Craftiness Makes Me Smile

While I was blogging on WeLoveEtsy I discovered this amazingly adorable owl cut out - and guess what people! It's a free downloadable pattern on We Love Etsy from John W. Golden . Be sure and visit his blog - I know you will find it interesting.
Thank you John Golden for making our Monday a bit brighter! We salute your craftiness.
Marg (feeling better but so not supposed to be on the computer today!)
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Holla! Rabbit Hollow Prims is here for an interview...

Skulleton Keys

Medusa Girlfriend!

Devil Girl

Devil Boy

Primitive Witching Hour Clock

I HRT Etsy! Here's why. Sue O'Connor is a perfect example of Etsy heart, creativity and sensibility. You'll see what I mean when you read her interview. Sue is the brainchild of Rabbit Hollow Prims (as in primitives) BUT these are no ordinary primitive creations, so take a knit/crochet break, curl up on the sofa, and sip your hot mocha lightly as you enjoy the very dynamic and creative Sue O'Connor.

Q. Welcome Sue and thank you for taking time out from your busy shop for this interview. . I have to say I was lured into your shop by not only your avatar, name - Rabbit Hollow Prims and shop banner, but also the delicious promise of “whimsical prims and a whole lot of attitude!” This is not your typical prim shop.

Tell us how and when you decided to put that “attitude” into your wonderful prim creations.

A.. I just stumbled upon this revelation this year actually lol. I was making the 2 dolls for a custom order that are on my Etsy shoppe banner and I started to look at my primitives compared to other people's. I said to myself, you know I make such a wide variety of primitives and I add my own touch to them to try to make them stand out that I said they all have an attitude about them, lack of better words an “in your face” type attitude. One of my group members in OFG (Old Farmhouse Gathering) summed it up perfectly. She emailed me and said “I love all these wonderful characters that you have created! They look as if they could speak..... beautiful work!” Martha Apple Tree Cottage

Q. Sue, Rabbit Hollow Prims includes customer friendly programs like a reward system for your loyal customers, excellent price range of items, great quality and such variety and creativity as well as reasonable shop policies. I know from my own experience with your shop, that you have great communication with your customers and well made products which arrive quickly. It’s so obvious to any one who visits your shop that each item is made whole heartedly by the artist. How do you stay inspired?

A. I have to say that I get my inspiration from many places. I get it from other artists. I love their work and sometimes seeing something they did gets my mind rolling and I come up with an idea. Sometimes it is a book, picture, or real life thing that sets my brain off to make an item. My mother also helps with ideas. She will look at a doll I made and say you could add this or do that. The biggest thing is do not become lazy, or too comfortable in your work that you start to take shortcuts and the quality of the work goes down. I am a perfectionist when it comes to things so I may make a doll 3 times before I like it. I always say if I do not like the way it looks, neither will anyone else so let's do this again. I will throw it all away and start over.

Q. Excellent lesson for all of us when we are creating any project. . What artists or craftsmen/women inspire you or have mentored you along the way?

A. First and foremost my mother. She has been sewing for 30 + years and she, like I said before, helps with telling me how to do something or change it up. She had a craft business years ago and I used to help her out. That is where Rabbit Hollow Prims got its name as I resurrected her booth name from shows and changed it from Rabbit Hollow Crafts to Rabbit Hollow Prims. Also, if I don't understand how to do something, she is there to explain. I also am inspired by the many artists in all of the groups I am in. They do awesome work and it is a challenge for me to keep up with them I think.

Q. You definitely do well Sue, would you tell us about your Etsy Team Old Farmhouse Gathering? We would also like to know of any upcoming events, projects or news you’d like to share with us.

A. OFG (Old Farmhouse Gathering) is a talented, professional group of artisans who create everything from Primitive to Shabby Chic, with old fashioned flair! We currently are having a Summer Celebration launch on Etsy and upcoming is going to be a Fall launch but I do not know the specifics of it yet.

I am currently working on orders that I have for Fall/Halloween but I do also have a website where I sell all my prims too. It can be found at I would say the biggest news I have is that I am starting to take orders now for Christmas and winter as I only take a limited amount due to the holidays so get them in early. I have already gotten some orders in for Christmas gifts.

Lastly I do have a facebook fan page that anyone can join. It can be found on the above website at the bottom of the homepage or on my blogs. I have a regular everyday blog here and I also have a All Halloween blog found here

I also have many shoppes including Etsy, Ebay, WSOAPP (Whispered Secrets of a Primitive Past) , Lemon Poppy Seeds, Country Craft Show Online, SOATP(Sisters of All Things Primitive) and KSGP (Kindred Sisters Gathering Post). These can all be accessed from my above website. I want to say thank you for taking the time to interview me and also to my supporters and customers, y'all are the best!

You're very welcome Sue! You are a delightful artist. Thanks for sharing your insight into business, creativity and helpful tips for us. Much continued success and creative happiness in your future...and many blessings to you and your mother as well as all the mothers out there sharing and passing down their knowledge.

Here are additional links where you can find Sue O'Connor and her prims.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ever see a tweet jump over a hurdle?

Well, I'm in recovery mode - everything went well and I have missed blogging and knitting most of all.

I did try to talk the nurses into letting me take my knitting in with me the day of surgery which would been a great help to my nerves before the sedation process began. I'm not used to waiting or medical procedures so I guess that makes me a cranky, yet wonderfully knitty patient. They apparently weren't familiar with my wildly successful Knitting Therapy Experiment at my chiropractors office. Send white light to the people who make the rules about pre and post op surgery...knitting is good, knitting is relaxing, more knitting, less drugs....anyway, I will be blogging this week but will be going in for another check on Thursday so I don't know what to expect. Too much info, I'm sure, but I wanted to let you all know I've missed you and thank you for the emails, tweets, and shout outs. I know they will lead me to a quick recovery.

While I was checking my tweets, I rec'd one from LaurieGonyea of KnitOuttatheBox. She has two lines now so do go check them out...and if you missed her interview on this blog, Knit Outta The Box Interview Day.

That's it for now - more interviews and knit/crochet news and goodies coming your way soon. Thanks for your patience...

Marg (counting kind tweets and emails jumping over hurdles in my head before falling asleep)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bag -O- Luscious Fall Season

It's back to school and Fall is on the way. Hooray! Need a new knitting bag or some really stylish accessories? Here are a few places that have unique and stylish bags, etc at varying prices.

Scouts Swag! Namaste' Bags and more.

Della Q exotic and original knitting bags with flair. every variety of handmade bags (and patterns) at great prices. Buy handmade.

DreamWeaver Dreamy selections!

Envirosax Strong and reusable. Lots of room for your projects. Go green.

Always check your local yarn stores and discount stores for great finds. Donate last year's bag to a needy knitter/crocheter and brighten their day.

I will have more blogs for you soon. My surgery is this week so I'm busy preparing for it and will be back online as soon as possible. Margknittinaround (my Etsy store) will be closed Tues - Thursday.

Knit On!

Marg (too much to do today-I'd rather be knitting!)

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh, the craft of it all!

Grab you iced mochas and gather 'round for a roundup.

A few things have really caught my crafty eye this week and it's time to share goes.

Craft Corps stencil kits are available in wonderful color combos on and There are so many options with this easy to use stencil kit from Vickie Howell that you're going to need more than one. Stop by and sign up for the newsletter to learn about some wonderful crafters and their inspiring stories.

Etsy finds this week - Trumpet please.

Melissabeads Colorful and fun.

CatherinetteRings You have to see to believe. Excellent.

Rabbit Hollow Prims Mighty fine primitive dolls and more.

Caron Free Pattern Section There's even a section for larger sizes and I'm currently obsessed with the crochet Mesh Scarf, Black Magic Shoulder Shrug, and the knitted Steppin' OutPoncho.

Obesessions can be good when they lead to crafting, beauty, sharing and jumping up and down with glee when a project comes together!

Jump up - Jump down - turn it all around and have a crafty day.

Marg (Whew! Dizzy from that turn around part)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Decorate with knitting on your mind...

Wine bottle container from $1 bin at Michaels holds your longer needles in one spot.

A bare corner with a vintage cigar chest gets spruced up with super large needles in a vase fron the dollar store.

Stickers from events and from craft vendors make your laptop unique and fun.

Stack your yarn for charity knitting in a basket (a gift) and tie a decorative bow on top.

Charity Project Basket (from Goodwill) keeps your projects clean and together. Basket full? Time to spread the joy!

New place, means new decorating opps. I thought I would share some of the ways I decorate with knitting on my mind. Placing knitted items and accessories around our home keeps me motivated to create no matter how tired or preoccupied with life I am. These items help me stay focused and remind me to embrace the good in life. Talk about a natural mood enhancer!

You don't need a new place to spread the knitting goodies around. Look for new places in your current living space that you may have overlooked. A small corner or nook looks bare, or maybe cluttered - give it some flare with a festive basket of yarn. The more color the better. You can see that I have reused, and spent very little on these decorative items. Look around for creative ways to reuse items, decorate them and give them a new life...your home will thank you and you'll be officially dreaming, living, and sharing the knitful life.

Marg (enjoying a knitty evening)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Art, Meet Knitting!

Need a little art with your knitting? Try a visit to Freddie Robins' website and revel in the exploration...blurring the art/craft line, using knitting as the medium. Powerful, thought provoking and colorful pieces will speak to your knitty sensibility. Be sure to visit Robins' statement which reveals a clear communication of the artists' vision. My personal fav is

How to make a piece of work when you're too tired to make decisions

Always look for the art surrounding you, knitty or not, and you will be astounded by how it will change your perceptions and open your mind.
You can also count this as one of those knitting resolutions from the New Year - remember those?

Marg (filling up my art and craft side today)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Have you seen this new knitting style?

This blog's for the Snuggie lovers and secret admirers out there. Today, I saw the new ad for designer colors and a Snuggie woman knitting...yet another fine example of a knitty sighting on the flat screen. If you missed it - here's the link,

There's also a Snuggie for your dog!

The cult of the Snuggie could be in your neighborhood soon, and if you're attending a Snuggie Bar Crawl, be sure and take your knitting with you.

We laugh, we snicker, some of us even succumb to late night advertising, but secretly I think many of us wish we had had the idea - think of all the yarn we could buy with the profits. Enjoy the whacky world of advertising today and always keep an eye out for knitwear, knitting and really cool crochet.

Marg (amazed by the wonder of a simple idea)

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Power of Yarn

During our recent move, I found a box of yarn that I had been using to make afghans that I forgot about - not surprising, right? We managed to locate a local church that accepted items for women (some with children) who lost their homes and we stopped by with a few items. The organizers were thrilled when they saw the yarn. Their enthusiasm came as a surprise at first. Previous donations at other places never created this kind of joy. They reminded me that it wasn't just yarn - it was a chance to create a present for the holidays, a much needed sweater for a child, an afghan for the winter, or to create something wonderful to sell and that the donation of yarn had reached the perfect home. Hooray! Just a little reminder for us all to share our new found yarn and a season of mindful kniting and crochet.

Marg (grateful, gleeful, and groovin' to the power of yarn)

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, there are three things I missed during the move...internet, blogging, and ice! My yarn is always close by. We are all moved into our new place and still wrestling with boxes, etc and I'm glad to be blogging today.

Today, I'm back in knitty form and found some funkified knitted wire wrist cuff kits for you to check out from Joyce Goodman at These would make wonderful holiday gifts of art because they are delicate, yet durable, as well. You will find complete instructions and materials in Goodman's kits to make your knitting project super smooth sailing...always a sign of a great product, expecially if it's your first time using wire.

I missed you all - thank you for your patience and I'm so glad to be sharing in your knitting/crochet adventures.
Grow where you're planted!
Marg (growing, reaching, and knitting)

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