Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patrick's Day!

May you always have...
Walls for the winds
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire.

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Happy knitting!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Author J. Day is here!


Hi fabulous knitters!  Today, I'm posting an interview with author, J. Day for you to enjoy.  It was originally posted ton on my Six Sensory Being blog but I wanted to share the J.D. goodness with you here on knit1fortheroad. Fire up your needles, raise them high and give a few roaring clicks for J. Day!

Today, I’m thrilled to bring you an interview with J. Day, author of Spirit Guide Messages According To Your Sign 2015.

Let’s begin!

Q. Welcome to Six Sensory Being, J.D.! When I first saw your book, Spirit Guide Messages According to Your Sign 2015, I was thrilled with your fresh approach to messages from spirit. Would you share with us how you were inspired to begin writing?

A. First I wish to say how honored I am that you enjoyed my book so much and thank you for inviting me to do this interview.  I have been doing readings for years, but for the first few years there was a lack of flow and connection. It was not until I began to “hear” my Guides that the pieces fell together. I had heard them my whole life and never knew. I had a blog and started doing weekly messages for my readers there, but scheduling made the entries less and less consistent. I wanted to continue to give the messages and a book was the best way to do this. The book is meant to help you to interact with your guides and begin to get messages on your own, in addition to what the book provides.

Q. In your book, you mention working daily with your Guides.  How would you suggest the readers begin their own very personal journey of trusting and accepting guidance from their guides?

A.  You used a key word “trust” This takes time and practice to build or rebuild trust in the information we receive. Often time our Guide’s messages will feel like our own thoughts, like a whisper, or subconscious nudge. I started by writing. I would ask a question that I had no way of knowing the answer, such as; What is an energy block from a past life that continues to hold me back? I then wrote the words as they floated into my head. The first few times may not work. Do not get frustrated and do not give up. I suggest a 5-10 minute meditation to center yourself and help open your chakras before you try the writing exercise.

Meditation is key, as well. I meditate between 3-6 times a week. It does not have to be for long. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 60. After a while you will know what messages you are being given from your guide and what thoughts are  coming from you.

Q.  Please tell us about your center, The Indigo Papillon. 

A. The Indigo Papillon is a metaphysical center in Fanwood New Jersey. It was named after a vision my grandmother had of a center I would eventually create. Papillon is French for butterfly, which symbolizes transformation, freedom, and journeys. Indigo represents the third eye, our chakra center for clairvoyance. At the center we offer meditations, classes, development circles, discussion groups, readings, energy healing, and Mediumship galleries. I am about hands on experience and getting you to work with your intuition right away!

Q. The Indigo Papillon sounds like an exciting place to experience growth and transformation. Many of us struggle to keep up with the demands of our busy lives. How do you balance your daily work life and manage to keep your vibrational energy high?

A.  I am crazy busy, so I know this struggle well. When I get a random day off, I actually take the time to enjoy it. I will rest, sleep, and indulge in all of the things that we normally skip out on. I spend time with people I care about, friends, family, significant others, and pets. They help me to laugh and connect in a way that is not energetically draining. I take time for myself; this means saying no to things that are not serving my highest good. I also have my chakras closed when I am not working. If I was “on” all of the time, I would simply be exhausted! Again meditation, I cannot stress enough the importance of meditation. You could meditate with exercise, cooking, creating, sitting and breathing, anything that allows you to focus on yourself and the “now.”

Q.  That is wonderful advice for us all keep in mind daily, J.D. Thank you.  We’d all like to know what is next for you, J.D.? Do you have anything else you would like to share with the readers, today?

A.   I have a new weekly podcast that will cover all questions and topics in the metaphysical realm. The first one is up and I am recording the next one tomorrow. I encourage readers to post questions and comments that I will address in future podcasts. Next month I will be giving a speech up at Fairleigh Dickenson University; this is my fourth year up there and honored to be asked back! I am working on my first novel. This novel incorporates a strong metaphysical theme. It should be ready to go by the end of next year.

Thank you again and Many Blessings,

author pic

J. Day

Thank you, J.D. for taking time away from your busy day to share with us your insight and for the opportunity to get to know you.  Your book is such an insightful and fresh approach for becoming closer to our guidance, no matter where we are on the journey.  Many blessings to you as well, and I know your book, with it’s beautiful message,  will resonate globally with great success.

Discover more J.D. goodness at

The Indigo Papillon (website)

Readings by J.D. Podcast on Sound Cloud

Learn more and purchase Spirit Guide Messages According To Your Sign 2015

Enjoy your spirit guide messages in 2015, everyone,

Margaret (off to read my weekly inspiration in J.D.’s book now)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A day of hearts...

   Happy almost Valentine's Day...

Here are some lovely ideas to help you get crafty for the day of love. 
Melted Crayon Art by Vickie Howell
Margaret(reaching out to those I love and owe a phone call or two this week.)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Super Sale!

Hi happy knitters! 

January is the perfect time to tidy up and have a super sale in my knitting shop margknittinaround on Etsy.

Signed copy of Knit Knitavian Style (20+knit patterns, interviews, and more) only $5 plus shipping.


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...and when they are gone, they are gone!
There are  also knit patterns at a low price to download instantly.  Don't forget there is a free knit pattern you're going to love with each purchase!

Stay tuned for new patterns in 2015.

Happy knitting in everyone!

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's in the bag!


Is your knitting bag looking tired and worn? Do you need a new super cute and durable knitting bag or pouch?  Check out these goodies from Fog Linen Bags at Knit Picks.  Bags and pouches vary in price, they’re durable and stylish.  Check out, if you will, the full range of bags. Enjoy your organized and portable holiday projects.

I’ll be working on a few knitting projects next week and getting ready for the holiday here in the U.S. I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

 Knit while you wait this holiday season. Enjoy the benefits of knitting. Lessen your stress and lift your mood. Happy holiday knitting!


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