Sunday, November 30, 2008


Pandan Tote

Hi all! Hope you survived the holiday with some laughter and knitting or crocheting. No Thanksgiving bloat allowed - it's time to check out some cool accessory needed by the smart knitter or crocheter on the move.
I'm blogging early - couldn't wait for Monday to share info on the Eco-Friendly Raw Bags. These adorable bags are made from recycled material such as newspaper, bamboo, and matchsticks. Click here for info on where to buy.
Scout's Swag also has the fabulous Zumba bag, Cali Bags, Haiku, and more. Check out the new



Marg (going to work off som extra pumpkin pie)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Visit Monday for some cool new knitting accessories, 'cause you know a knitter's gotta have'em.

I am grateful for you,

Marg (taking a much needed break for the holiday)

Monday, November 24, 2008


It's almost turkey time for us here in the U.S. and it's time to start working on fun, quick and adorable projects for the holidays. Here are a few kind people who have offered up just what we need - FREE ADORABLE PATTERNS!

You will want to start your search for fun stuff at
Polar Knits. They offer new Christmas patterns. Now, if that's too intense for you, they do offer additional patterns that are great any time. Check it!

Visit Lion Brand for free holiday patterns, and projects everyone on your gift list. Listen to their podcast for ideas. Check, double check!

Stop by CraftStylish, my crrrrafty ones, for great ideas and patterns for decorating and gift giving. Check, triple check!

That's all for now crafties, Do visit the blog (Sat) regarding and helping them get on Ellen ;) Spread the word , spread the awareness!

Marg (wishing she had a few elves right about now to help out)

VISIT Margknittinaround on Etsy for great prices, patterns, and kits!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This update is for all you knitters and knotters out there who want to make a difference by getting the word out about chemo caps, and the incredible job that has been doing. The founder of this amazing org, Christine Shively has a chance to be on Ellen to talk about this amazing effort to organize the knitting and crochet community to make caps for cancer patients in need. Do visit the website to see the incredible work that is being done KNOTS-OF-LOVE.ORG, if you haven't already. To hear Christine talk about the group's efforts, you can also click on The Odd Mind interview on the right of this page. Christine was nice enough to support me by calling in during my interview.

I have blogged many times about this org and have included it on as a reliable charity organization for my readers. Her org will also be included in my next book, yes, that's right folks, the road trip continues!

So join in this effort to spread the word about this huge community effort to raise awareness and get our gal and her org on Ellen by clicking on the link below and submitting a brief message to the mighty fine folks at Ellen - afterall, who doesn't like to dance?

It's EASY. Here's what you do:

1) Follow this link to the "Be A Part of the Show - The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

2) In the section below, give your story about your personal connection to Knots-of- Love and/or how much you would like it to be exposed to a broader audience. Nothing fancy, just a little of your Love!

3) Click the SEND button and you are done.

Thanks ya'll - you're the best readers a blogger could imagine!

Back to your regularly scheduled Saturday!

Marg (who is grateful) pass this info on to your friends, family and readers - it will mean so much to those in need.

Friday, November 21, 2008


2009 is just around the corner!

Gather round knitties and knotties for some events that are coming in 2009 and hopefully, near you. Your knitting and crocheting knowledge can grow by leaps and bounds by attending, meeting, and networking with all the hardworking people involved in these events. You will come away with so much inspiration, and yes, maybe more yarn for the stash, but participating can really give your projects that extra zing! I encourage you to make the trek, leave the kids with hubby or loving grandma and hit the road with fellow knitties. Check with your neighborhood yarn store to see if they are going or a group of you can carpool together - GREAT community, great for the environment and the wallet, afterall, you're going to need some extra cookies for that special yarnie item that you can't walk away from.

I will be posting more events in the future and if there is one near you that I haven't mentioned, please comment or email me and I will include it. Your knitty neighbors, who may not be aware, will HRT you big time.


Some more news for you - I loved being interviewed by Christine of CrochetCafe last month so I have decided to give it a whirl. I will be doing a few intereviews on this blog that I think will inspire and motivate you as well as give you a sneak peek into the life of the Knitted. Stay tuned for the first installment of the Knit/Crochet Zone.

Mark your calendars for an event near you in 2009!

Knit Out Crochet 2009 is coming to the Mall of America in Feb. 2009, Bloomington MN and sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council of America.

Stitches West Feb 2009, Santa Clara, CA sponsored by the might fine folks at Knitting Universe.

Stitches South, April 2009, Atlanta, GA

Stitches Midwest, Sept 2009, Shaumburg, IL

Knitters Connection 2009 June 2009, Columbus OH, sponsored by Knitters Mercantile

2009 SPRING KNIT & CROCHET SHOW TKGA & CGOA Conferences, Plus TKGA Special Annual Events May 15-17, 2009 (Fri., Sat., Sun.) May 14 Education Begins Doubletree Hotel Portland Portland OR


2009 SUMMER KNIT & CROCHET SHOW CGOA & TKGA Conferences, Plus CGOA Chain Link Special Annual Events August 7-9, 2009 (Fri., Sat., Sun.) August 5 Professional Development Day August 6 Education Begins Buffalo Niagrara Convention Center Buffalo , NY

KNIT-SHARE-GO AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY...Marg enjoying a snow day with the crazy yorkies who don't know when to come inside.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


That's right folks, it's rampant, random and perfectly legal. Shake things up with these lovely wooden cubes that will help you break through knitters block. (no pun intended) These lovelies are yet another StitchesEast goodie from the fine folks at TheFineNeedle. As of this writing, I did not see them on their site. Their notions section is coming soon, but the link will give you there contact info. I have also not seen these anywhere else.

Here's how we roll - shake, blow, toss and lady luck will create for you a random pattern - k1, p5 - or p2k1 - who knows your knitting fate? I feel lucky! Com'on Molly needs a new pair of booties....and as if that weren't enough - you can also use it as a rowcounter. Is that cool or what?! and if you aren't getting my gambling humor you need to come out of the knitting cave more often.

If you like living fast and loose, large, and fat then do go for these goodies...


Marg (aka high roller knitter at large!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Red Heart Eco-Cotton (75% recycled cotton)

Chemo caps for Adult Male

While I was at StitchesEast, I visited with the RedHeart Folks who were eager to answer all my questions and show me their new eco-friendly cotton

and blend that they now have. They also had really cool free patterns (always a treat!)

I made chemo caps with the cotton. It was easy to knit/crochet with and less bulky than other cottons. Do check the guidelines of the organization you are making caps for to make sure it will be accepted.

It's also a wonderful weight for other projects as well. Sturdy, durable, yet has flexibility, and soft. Great for kid projects, don't you think?

I purchased mine from Herrschners, but it's always good to shop around or visit your local yarn shop.


Marg (watching Max watching Molly to find out why he's barking at the FedX dude???-must be a Yorkie thing)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Keychain by Annie Adams
Visit the site for true color of item (silver) and description.
This is one of the latest from Annie Adams that I picked up at StitchesEast. It was one of those - must have buys for me. It makes a super gift for yourself or for anyone in your life who knits. It's lightweight but chunky at the same time. I left it in the package to take a pic for you - after this blog, I'm ripping it open and putting my keys and maybe a few decorative stitch markers on it and voila - presto -abrakadabra, and maybe a shazaam! you're ready to show your knit luv to the world.

Ok, knit me down a bit - I'm way to excited about this gem.

KAL is still on through the holiday season and I will be announcing another one in January after the madness of the holiday is over and we're all working off the bloats. So do knit or crochet for Scarves from the Heart or the earlier KAL Knots-of-Love. Your handywork and creativity is always welcome. Send pics to if you like, and I will post them in the reader gallery on and share the love. I've been adding new links and videos often so do take advantage of the knitting roadside assistance.

Thanks to all of you who have bought Knit 1 for the Road (book), patterns and kits. I seriously HRT you and hope they give you many happy knitting hours. The road trip continues...


Marg (Java time!)

Monday, November 17, 2008


The Ravenna Satchel from Marta McCall at

Over the weekend, I was looking over my info from the StitchesEast event and I came across a info on patterns from Marta McCall and found a site to get your creative juices going on a Monday called Tink I especially love the bag patterns (of course - you know this by now if you've ever checked out my blog) but there are plenty of really wonderful patterns and accessories for you to drool over - no worries. This site will definitely inspire you. More later on Stitches as I plow through my're getting it as my brain processes it.

Stay tuned for more events coming this winter, more Stitches stuff, and a whole lot more!

Do you Twitter? Keep up with Knit 1 for the Road on
Need some cool kits, patterns or Knit 1 for the Road for a really great price? Check out margknittinaround on Etsy and get your knit on!
Looking for fun knitting/crochet links, info and videos. Do check out for knitting roadside assistance.


Marg (watching Molly lick the snowflakes on her nose from my kitchen window)

Friday, November 14, 2008


The new Anthropologie catalog is out and I found a goodie called Pickstitched change purses. These are nice not only for carrying around change, but a small ipod, knitting goodies and their stylish at the same time. There are also lots of other great choices for you.

You can also visit Etsy for more choices of handmade change purses and goodies. Type in change purse or clutch and check out the different shops. Easy or what? and you're supporting the small handmade folks like me! There are also patterns if you're crafty so that you can create your own. (heehee a total plug for margknittinaround which is my shop)

Marg sporting a modified scarf I just finished with Vegas from SWTC. Visit my Flckr account or Ravelry project page if you are on Ravelry (margknittinaround) for closeup pics that show the fringe and more info about the pattern from VickieHowell Collection.

Next time, I am going to share the info and goodies from StitchesEast. I know, I promised to do so earlier in the week but life got in the way a little and I want to do the event justice so I'm working on it over the weekend so you get full effect!

Update on Max, my yorkie - he encountered the neighbors' puppy, now almost full grown and a pitbull dog, yesterday. Bella, the pit bull, always playful before, but leashed, came flying out of her yard, across the street and on our heels in about two secs. I'm sure my dogs probably look like rabbits to her. All I heard was the neighbor yelling her name and a growl behind us. Thankfully I had the sense to use halters for the yorkies, and I snatched them up pretty darn quick just in case and kept movin', before Max started his alpha dog BACK AT A YA bs. The neighbor caught up with his dog pdq and had to carry her away. Now - this could have ended badly for Max since he's only 5 lbs. Please remember to keep your dog on a leash or harnessed (if small guys) and be mindful of dogs coming up from behind...Molly was once grabbed by a hunting dog from behind while we were walking and got picked up and shaken. You can't really fault the dogs for doing what comes naturally, but as the dog owner, you need to be aware of the risks of incompatability amoung dogs. Embrace nature, nurture, and never take chances with babies, pets, and remember in life - and the dog park, not everyone wants to be your new bff.
Put your stix together or grab a hook for a little knitting or crochet this weekend to soothe your nerves and thanks for coming by :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


The Knitting Girl by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1869

Last night as I was doing some late night knitting, I began taking a trip down memory lane (ok - I was doing straight stitch no brainer stuff) to the days when I was an art student and totally blown away by the artists of the 60's 70's and 80's that were daring (according to art critics of the day) to be included in art museum exhibits and installations throughout the world. During those years I was always trying to reconcile the passion for knitting, crocheting and painting and somehow mesh them together at the disdain of a few professors. Hello, anyone heard ot the Fiber Movement in acadamia?

We've come a long way, baby - knitties! We are seeing knitting and crochet in movies, television, museum exhibits and embraced by celebrities - on the street, wrapped around doors, poles, and architecture - it's everywhere. Take note every time you see a knitted item unexpectedly and smile at this wonderful explosion of creativity. Think of the fabulous artists who created a brave new knitting world for us to step into.

Here's a short overview of knitting I found this morning to get you thinking retro...HISTORY OF KNITTING.

Now get out there and create your own knitting and crocheting history today and remember to write about it. Knit-Share-Go!

Marg (sipping HOT mocha and enjoying the rainy day)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You know by now, I like to give you options and I'm really stuck on doing things in 3's so here we go...Today I found three different types of bangles for your wrist to make for yourself or for gifting! (yes, that's a little word I picked up from HSN-heehee)Another weird word I luv is when the steward/ess announces to get ready for deplaning - WHAAT? or maybe deboarding? but that's another blog.

Check out this affordable felted bracelet kit from PickupSticks I found on This is really a nice project that can be worn throughout the holiday season and on into the new year. I especially like to wear and use other colors besides Christmas red and green, gold and silver during the holidays.

Another goodie comes from EarthFaire called appropriately, Leaf Bracelet. This bracelet is knitted - I know - amazing- and beading is included. A great project for you crafties out there who like to incorporate your knitting skills into other areas of crafting. The kit includes everything you need to make this beauty...also affordable.

One more option is embellishing a bracelet with ribbon as seen here in the Judi & Co. bracelet kit from DreamWeaver (on sale now) which includes two bracelet forms, ribbon and pattern.

Keep those creative thoughts coming!

Marg (going through info from StitchesEast and working on a really cool pattern for margknittinaround on Etsy)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Here are some upcoming events in 2009 you might like to attend. These events will offer classes, fashion shows, your favorite vendors, demos and inspire you to knit, crochet and grow! Make friends, take friends and have a great time.

2009 SPRING KNIT & CROCHET SHOW TKGA & CGOA Conferences, Plus TKGA Special Annual Events May 15-17, 2009 (Fri., Sat., Sun.) May 14 Education BeginsDoubletree Hotel Portland Portland OR

2009 SUMMER KNIT & CROCHET SHOW CGOA & TKGA Conferences, Plus CGOA Chain Link Special Annual Events August 7-9, 2009 (Fri., Sat., Sun.) August 5 Professional Development DayAugust 6 Education BeginsBuffalo Niagrara Convention Center Buffalo, NY

STITCHES West 2009February 26-1, 2009Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

STITCHES South 2009 April 23-26, 2009, Atlanta GA (check website for updated info)

STITCHES Midwest 2009, Sept 10-13,2009, Shaumburg, IL (check website for updated info)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Some of the cool vendor cards and flyers.

Well, I survived my marathon events and lived to blog about it! Sometimes I wonder why all the really good stuff is planned for the same weekend. That's when a great pair of sneakers, a vendor game plan, and a budget come together to get you through the madness!

I'm starting off with the Handmade Arcade event in held in the beautiful Shadyside section of Pittsburgh. The weather was perfect, and the beautiful orange and yellow leaves falling in the cool breeze really created a festive harvest mood. Walk into the old Hunt Armory and you instantly feel the good vibe of contrast - the funky old building and rough edges alongside the new creative zip that all the artists provided. There was a great turnout and I was so happy for all of my fellow Etsy vendors. Handmade, vintage and recycled items are all the rage and people are supporting it. Yay! I was also pleased to see the different Etsy teams working so well together in a united handmade spirit. Sooooo great!

Visit Flckr to view some photos of the event and items.

For next time, I'm gathering up all my info from the StitchesEast event - stay tuned. I will also be posting some upcoming events this week that may be near you.

Find some time to Knit-Share-Go today.


VISIT for knit/crochet 411 and fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


YOU KNOW BY NOW, THAT I CAN'T LET A PERFECTLY GOOD BAG GO UNBLOGGED EVEN FOR A FEW DAYS. SCOUTS SWAG OFFERS THE NEW COLLECTION OF HAIKU BAGS CALLED The Karma Neutral Hana collection. I especially like the roomy totes, but they also have smaller bags that are adorable. Yummy color choices too.


Knitting, Yarn and Handmade Heaven Await

This Thursday I will be leaving to go to Baltimore for the Stitches East event on Friday...and then it's back to Pittsburgh because it's also the weekend for the Handmade Arcade. I'm going to busy checking these two events out and looking for new info to bring you. Yarn, interesting vendors, handmade and vintage items, it's all good!

I'll be back to my regular blogging schedule next week - but don't be surprised to see a quick blog over the weekend ;) it's hard to contain all my crafty enthusiasm and not share it.

Remember to find a little time to Knit-Share-Go!

Marg (trying to decide which knitting project to pack)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ever want to substitute a yarn in a pattern, but not sure how? kpixie has a cool feature called "if you like" which helps you decide on a good yarn substitution. The suggestions are based on fiber content, the feel and yarn weight. Need I say more? Let the knit and crochet fun begin.

Happy Election Eve Everyone!

Marg (gettin' knitty and watching the results)

Monday, November 3, 2008

PROvisional Cast On Methods

This little gem of a video from Knitting Daily takes some of the mystery out of provisional cast on and gives you several methods.


It's getting close to vote time, people.

Get ready to pack your handy Knit 1 for the Road tote with knitting, crochet, book, ipod, chair, etc and Vote-Share-GoGoGo! Offer to drive a friend, family member or neighbor who might not ordinarily go on their own and remember knitters and crocheters can not be intimidated, deterred, or supressed. We've stood in longer lines at the Sheep and Wool Festivals for way cool stuff, demanded fair yarnie prices, and cast our coupons on the counter for those crafty sales. Stand your ground and get your knitty up for your right to vote and embrace the moment. Enjoy the chance to be a part of the United States of Knitty Americans and DO report any problems you have or see to your party rep who will be watching the polls.

Congrats if you were able to vote early or send in an absentee ballot.

Tomorrow, a short yarnie blog to help soothe your election day nerves. I don't know about you, but I'm living in a battleground state surrounded by other battleground states and it's nerve racking. If you're in the same situation - take a breath with me and think good thoughts! All together now...



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