Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Tweedy Situation...

Do you have a need for tweed?  Tweed has been popular this Fall, why not give it a try?  Here's a tweedyfilled list of yummy yarn and patterns to consider...

Knitting Trend: Tweed! at NobleKnits.

New Trends in Fashion Knitting at Berroco

Tweed Stripes Yarn at LionBrandYarn (free patterns)

Did you know there's a Tweed Stitch?  Go here for a tutorial.  Visit knitculture for the free download of the Harris Tweed Hat and Scarf Pattern.

3 knitting things I'm grateful for...

stitch markers
row counters
over the top discounted yarns

Have a wonderful day filled with dreamy ideas for your next project.

Marg (cool patterns-check, great yarn-check, Maple Cinnamon Coffee- double check check)

Remember to grab your free pattern for October, Shades of the Celtic Forest Wrist Warmers here.

CreatingTheHive - inspiration for your crafty side.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet, Dreamy and Delish has a sneak peek of new yarns coming in November.  There's even a discount price offered.  Hooray!  Sweet...Dreamy...and Delish.

You may have noticed my blogs have been short, but still sweet.  I've been working on special orders for my shop, book sales, charity projects and basically suffering from Autumn fever and a bit of burnout.  While I'm getting it all together, thanks for your comments, emails, orders and kind words.  You are the best readers a blogging knitter could have, and you keep my needles clicking.

If you've been encased in a bubble, consumed with intergalactic adventures, or just overwhelmed by everyday life, you may not have knowledge of the exciting new Arts and Crafts community, CreatingTheHive.  Go here to join in the fun. 

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Original Savannah Chunky Slouch Hat and Scarf from

Here's my Savannah Chunky Hat and Scarf from Knit Knitavian Style made with Rowan Ribbon Twist for Michelle's birthday.  I made this version less slouchy and more fitted for her.
(Note: hat is folded in half in the picture) The orginal project in the book was made with LionBrand Hometown USA in Savannah Sage.  The gauge was slightly different for the Rowan Twist so you will have to go up or down with your needles.  Be sure and knit a gauge swatch before beginning your knit project, unless the pattern indicates otherwise.

Spend a little time with your unfinished projects this week.  They miss you.

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.
Taken at Sotterly Plantation, 2010

The SoHo Saturday Scarf is a nice light weight, yet warm scarf.  Grab the knit pattern from Knit Knitavian Style.  I wore this to Sotterly Plantation and was excited to see many of the colors in my scarf were also in the garden.

Marg (enjoying the colorful life of knitting)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i felt a project coming on...

Felting fun anyone?  If you're interested in trying a felt project try the WoolPets kits.  There are so many of these adorable projects to choose from, you're probably going to want one for yourself and a friend.  Each kit comes with detailed instructions, photos, most materials that you will need (except for the foam needle felting pad) and a skill rating to help you decide which kit is right for you.  Some of the kits have enough materials to make a second version of the project, so please read the product descriptions for the full scoop. The price range is between $16-$20 and they have included a list of shops that carry their products.

Feel a need to splurge a bit on your next project for that special person in your life?  Looking for gorgeous cashmere?  Try the Jade Sapphire Color Combo Scarf Kit for Him or Her.  The kits include enough lush Jade Sapphire cashmere and seven patterns to inspire you to make a two color scarf. The kit is $99, which is less than many cashmere items sold at retail prices. You may find it for less, or on sale so do a little surfing on the net - kawabunga!

Looking toward 2011?  Try Franklin Habits Stash of Knitting Cartoons 2011 Calendar.  It's a super cool gift for yourself or give to a friend.  Prices vary, so do shop around your favorite yarn and book stores for this item.

Looking for special sales, discounts, coupons and the latest scoop from your fav yarn stores?  Subscribe to the newsletter and special customer event emails.  Don't want the emails to come to your regular email account?  Set up a separate email account that's dedicated to your fav yarn shops. Many retailers will have a box to check off which types of notifications you would like to receive. I've found that many shops really value their regular customers and offer them special sale links, coupons, and discounts on a regular basis. Just sayin'.  Give it a try, you can always unsubscribe to the notifications.

Keep your wish list.  I see knitting, felting and cartoons in your future.

Marg (feeling felty)
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HEART FELT PROJECTS (includes felting tutorials)
Visit Margknittinaround on Etsy for knit kits, patterns, signed copies of my books, hand knit and crochet items and special orders.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

New Gallery Pic...

Leslie at Lollyarn knit the Savannah Chunky Slouch Hat from Knit Knitavain Style (Signed Copy)

Here's the project in the book:

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Knit Knitavian Style: Allow your knitting adventures to begin.
©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Leslie's yarn is featured on the bookcover and in the Lolly Luscious Hat and Scarf patterns, also in Knit Knitavaina Style.

You can view other items knit by happy customers from Your Gallery on and on my flckr page, margknittinaround.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Groovin' on some gratitude...

Etsy Treasury Page by ClydazeandCrew

Big thanks to CreatingTheHive member Heather of ClydazeandCrew on for including Knit Knitavian Style in her treasury and to Cranachan for mentioning the Colors of Your Life Crochet Scarf from my shop in a recent Treasury.

Etsy Treasury Page by Cranachan
Shop Handmade!

Marg (grateful for all the wonderful artists and crafters that I've come to know)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eastern Shore Knit Slouch Beanie

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

New hand knit item!  Ready for you to wear...
Autumn means cool breezes, falling leaves, and pumpkin patches on the Eastern Shore. Celebrate the spirit of the season with this comfortable and soft knit Eastern Shore Slouch Beanie. It's the perfect weight for the season and will be your "go to" hat.
Check it here.
Visit margknittinaround on for hand knit and crochet items, kits, my pattern books, and knitting patterns.
Visit for knitting resources, fun links, free patterns and more.
Marg (watching the rain and knitting)

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Does this ever happen to you?

Today, I was planning to share with you some of my latest projects for Autumn but I can't seem to find my Flip so while I rummage around, do take a look at some knitting news...

Do you love Chic Knits? Who wouldn't love them?  Check out this info from Noble Knits here and get the full blown scoop on the patterns,  new arrivals and meet Bonnie Marie Burns.  So fun!

I'm currently taking special orders again on my Etsy shop, margknittinaround. Please check the announcement section for my current items available for special order and convo or email before ordering. If you're not on Etsy, and would still like one of the items available for special order, please contact me at  \

While you're there, check out my pattern books, kits, knit patterns and ready to wear (by me, in a non-smoking environment with good vibes) knit and crochet items at affordable prices.  Thanks to all of you who have stopped by, purchased, left feedback and emailed... kiss,kiss, hug,hug.  I love it when a customer is happy.  Can you see me twirling with glee?

Still not on Creating The Hive?  What are you waiting for?  You don't have to be a professional crafter or artists to enjoy the site, you just have to love creativity.  It's full of inspiration, insightful creative projects and talented people.  Join in the community and feel the love - the love of creativity, that is.

Hope you're safe, happy, and able to locate your stuff when you need it this week.

Stay tuned...
Marg (on the rummage merry-go-round)

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Grrrrrrr!  Coffee makes it better.  Chocolate makes it divine
 -M's thought for today.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Upcycled art at it's best....

Odile Gova's photos - go here.

Article by Mary Rajotte of the Toronto Fashion Arts Examiner about Odile Gova's Upcycling, here.

Need more?  Grab a copy of  Crochet Today!, pg 93.

So yummy, you're going to start upcycling today.

Enjoy -

Marg (endless possibilities in the making)

Are you on the Hive?  What are you waiting for?

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Doodads Day

Every knitter and crocheter needs a doodad or two to add to their project bag.  Here are a few trendy, handy, and functional ones that will make you smile.

In good measure....enjoy the delightful tape measures that are full of whimsy, lightweight and portable at tomo and timo on  They make a wonderful gift...

The Twice Sheared Sheep is loaded with items to fit any budget.  There are so many goodies on this web site that you're going to want to browse every section.  Do check out my favs, the marker buddies.  They make multi-tasking easier.

Okay, no knit/crochet bloggie would be complete without mentioning a new yarn opportunity.  Give Red Heart's newest edition a try.  Mystic combines soft alpaca with durable acrylic.  It's great for sweaters, cardis, hats, and scarves.  It's your new "go to" yarn of the season.  Oh - and the colors!  I'm liking Stone right now.

Try taking a short break with a little knitting or crochet to dispel the Monday Madness.  It only takes a few stitches to recover.  Works every time.

Margaret Nock. All rights reserved. 2010
Colors of Your Life Crochet Scarf (ready to wear) from Margknittinaround on

Marg (enjoying the colors of my life today-hope you are too)

CreatingTheHiveCreatingTheHiveCreatingTheHiveCreatingTheHive...join in the crafty fun.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick quick! Free patterns...

Do you need some quick Halloween projects to finish out your gift bags, home decor, or for the kids in your life?  Here are six quick free Halloween projects to knit, crochet, knit and felt, or craft from Lion Brand.  Encourage the kids to get involved and remember to share your creative goodness with those around you.  It's contagious and creates the warm fuzzies.

Enjoy the day. 

Marg (taking time to enjoy the Autumn weather and everything that I love about my life)
For a limited time, buy a signed copy here or here  and enjoy super savings.

Yarn, fabulous needles, and a pet or child to interrupt your knitting euphoria are the staples of a knitter’s life.
-Margaret Nock, Knit Knitavian Style:Allow your knitting adventures to begin.
©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

My current read is:
Paranormal State: My Journey into the UnknownParanormal State: My Journey into the Unknown

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Spirit of Autumn Past: Creating the Hive Autumn Challenge

While I was putting a few things out to celebrate Autumn, I was thinking it would be nice to share with you some images of Autumn from the not so distant past.  I'm taking tomorrow off from blogging to have a creative day to ward off creative block, drink a pumpkin spice latte's from my fav coffee spot and get into the spirit of Autumn.  Life is what we live while we create.

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

I crocheted a tiny Steeler cap to add to my door decoration.

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

A few pumpkin delights 

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Pet parade

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Molly wearing her terrible towel during a Steeler's game.

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Molly's Pumpkin Patch in CA

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved.

Decorated Pumpkins at a Festival in MD

Enjoy, play, and create every day.

Marg (wishing you all the fun of the season and 0 calorie pumpkin pie)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knitting news, helpful resources, and a knitting fancy.

Do you smell that yummy yarn smell?  Are your hands tingling with the feel of scrumptious fiber? Perhaps you yearn for more knitting knowledge.  Here's a little knitting news to satisfy your craving for yarn, patterns, and new techniques.

A new season of Knitting Daily TV is in your future.  Check out all of the exciting details here.

Searching for new patterns to knit?  Maybe you're looking for something you knit before, but have lost the pattern. Try the Top 10 Knitting Pattern Web Sites.

Love Rowan?  Want to know a bit more about it and the founder Stephen Sheard?  Enjoy the Rowan Yarnmarket Spotlight and learn that risks do pay off.  There's also a chance to win a Rowan Gift Package. Is your mouth watering yet?

Check out this free knit pattern from Lion Brand.
Pale Gray Lace Cowl is knit with their latest addition to their Luxury Line at Affordable Prices: LB Collection Angora Merino.

Remember to snag your special 15% online discount for any of the Soak products at for my blog readers.  Grab the details here.  Offer ends Oct 15, 2010. You don't have to knit to use their amazing products.  I'm thinking stocking stuffer, extra gift, knitty get the picture.

Enjoy your day, look for the knitty and breathe in the colors and smells of Autumn.

Marg (looking toward the sun)

©Margaret Nock, 2010.
All rights reserved.

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