Thursday, May 28, 2009


Looking for some summer projects? Need a little push, prod, helpful tug to get you going in that direction? Try these sites for free patterns, downloads, and ideas.

DIY Knitting Patterns, Videos, and Instructions will have you in super summer knitting mode in no time.


Berrocco Summer Sweaters and tops and Berrocco Pattern Library which helps you find free patterns by type, skill, etc. VERY NICE...

Kids Summer Fun Activities A variety of crafty ideas for family fun and keeps those little angels BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.

Free Patterns offers many craft patterns of all types. You will have to join to download-no biggie.


LionBrandYarn which is always a great resource for fun patterns, easy skill rating, and helpful information along with fun YarnCraft podcasts. NOW TOP OFF YOUR SUMMER ADVENTURES WITH... is loaded with patterns and kits at great prices along with tips on how to use their unique products and free patterns to download. Fun, colorful and free patterns to dive into. NO WATER WINGS NEEDED.

There you go - I see creative BUBBLES popping up over your head. That's more like it.

Dive in, splash around, the crafting waters are smooth and crystal clear.

Marg (looking forward to smooth sailing ahead)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Turquoise Cotton-Ease

Cotton Yarns aren't only for your spring/summer knitting and crochet, but also for winter projects as well. It's versatility can keep you super cool or super warm. It's also a non-allergenic fiber perfect for household projects, chemo caps, and baby items and for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

There's such a variety of cotton yarn now that are not only durable, easy to clean, but soft as well.

Classic Cotton Yarns from YarnMarket gives you a variety of cotton and cotton blends at various prices to fit any budget.

Lily Sugar'n Cream has wonderful cotton in colors (solids or stripes).

Free Cotton Yarn Patterns from LionBrandYarn and their latest soft cotton blend, Cotton-Ease.

Crystal Palace offers free knit and crochet patterns listed by yarn.

Cotton is Coooool-so unleaseh your super coolness when you make your next cotton yarn project.

Marg (understands your inner coolness)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Building Bridges with Needlework...

Memorial Day for us was a sunny, breezy and the perfect day for a little adventure. We decided to load up our Yorkies, Molly & Max (an adventure in itself) and head out to Greene County for a tour of The Covered Bridges. This was a self guided tour with questionable directions - hence the adventure part - a speeding school bus (I know - weird) almost pushing us over the side of an unpaved narrow country road - making way for a family riding a horse drawn wagon and lots of friendly people willing to take time away from the bbq grill to help guide us along when the directions got iffy.

Max and Molly were whining in the back seat in their secured campers whenever the car stopped until they were able to get out for new sniffs and barks at the occasional beagle, bloodhound, and basset hound and giving away their urban origins.

Between reading directions for my husband Dave, and knitting on the passenger side...I began to think of these wonderful, well constructed (and reconstructed) bridges from the past and their importance to the community and farms. Most were built in the 1800's. Their presense tied the commuity together and are now being used and cherished, much like needlework of the same period. I had to wonder if we are building the same kind of legacy today with our needlework. Will people in the future be viewing our needlework, reading about our online and offline communites, projects, and the craft movement in general? Will our work find itself being cherished by our descendents, displayed in museums, or written about by future artists? Will we be able to conquer our fears by concentrating on our needlework and build a better future for ourselves and families?

I'd like to think so...maybe it's time to think of our needlework as a reflection of our times, hopes, and dreams and pass them on to future generations.

Celebrate the past, look toward the future and put your fears aside.


Marg (dreaming of what could be)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stay Safe -Stay Knitty- Soak up the Savings!

There's super savings on my Etsy shop, margknittinaround today (Friday, 22nd) through Monday (25th). Now's your chance to pick up Knit 1 for the Road patterns, signed copy of the book, and kits at incredible will also receive the Venutra Tote pattern absolutely free with purchase!

Stay safe - Stay knitty - and Soak up the savings during the Memorial Day Weekend...

Marg (working hard to bring you recession busting prices on Knit 1 for the Road items and feeling a bit like crazy Larry, the used car dealer with crazy prices!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Psst! Over Here Bag Lovers

This news was too exciting to wait...and I haven't written a bag blog in a while so here goes...

Check out the lastest...

Hermosa bag from Namaste in 5 great colors- Black, Eggplant, Olive, Peacock and Saddle

There's also the Namaste Mini Clutch available in the same 5 colors as the Herosa bag and perfect for bringing your hooks, needles and accessories along in style.

DreamWeaverYarns is also offering 20% off select Namaste Bags so you can snatch up your favorite bag at a savings.

Some things are just to good to keep to yourself - Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Stay tuned for fabulous Memorial Day savings announcement tomorrow!

Marg (trying to keep my bag obsession in check)


It's almost summer and time for teens and tweens to dive into summer fun, new projects, and family outings. A great way to share your love of knitting or crochet with your child is to join in a knitting/crochet group in your area and share the joy of knitty community. If you're looking for a group, here are two sites to help you learn about what is available in your area. LionBrandYarn offers a group finder as well as Knitmap. I've noticed flyers in the local knitting and craft stores, community centers and libraries with summer lessons and groups for HIP teens and tweens as well as younger children. Many are free or only cost for supplies.

There are also many hip teen/tween books available regarding knitting and crochet with wonderful patterns teens really want to make.

Your teen/tween will thank you - eventually...probably when they are grown and have children of their own, but good things are worth waiting for.

Knit/Crochet - Share - Go!
Behind every busy tween/teen is a happy parent.

Marg (finally thankful for all the lessons, educational trips and mandatory outings of my childhood)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


New seasons remind us to recycle, reuse, spruce up and create wonderful everyday items to celebrate the warm days, soft breezes and cookouts.

One item that knitters and crocheters need, but sometimes overlook, are our needle organizers. They can be decorative and functional...lifting our spirits as we not only protect our needles, but create the ritual of taking them out of their organizer and creating something wonderful. really comes through with the promise of beautiful needle organizers for both knitting needles and crochet hooks. There you will find organizers of varying sizes, shapes, and materials as well as patterns to make your own. You can type in needle organizers, cases, or a favorite knitting/crochet shop and see a variety of designs at you fingertips.

If you're feeling crafty and want to create your own unique design, here are a few links to help you get started.

Knitting on the Net shows you step by step how to whip up a kniting needle organizer with basic sewing skills.

Craft Bits offers us the Kimono Needle Roll pattern which is colorful and has excellent photos and instructions.

Circular Needle Clutch pattern from CraftLeftOvers. A great place for resources, patterns, and recycling ideas for our crafty side.

Crochet Organizer pattern on from the fine folks at Coats & Clark.

Try looking around the house for unused items that could be easily converted to organize your knitting and crochet tools. Invite your kids to join in! The possibilities are endless.

Marg (hoping for a crafty and creative outcome today)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tammy the Cat, one of four knit patterns in the Gurumi Family Kit from KnitPicks...

Knit Picks has a Gurumi Family Kit that you can knit! Hooray! This is great news for those of you who have been wanting to make those adorable Amigurumi (stuffed toys) that are all the rage, but can't crochet. Your kit will come with FOUR patterns - Tammy the Cat (sooo adorable for the cat lover), Sammy, Amy (cute kiddos) and Hammy, the dog (Max & Molly's fav). There's also one 50 gr ball each of Shine Sport Blush, Sky, Fedora, Caution, White, Willow, Black and Serrano and all for $19.99 - which is an amazing price. You provide the fiber fill, US size 2 needles (also available at KnitPicks) and your amazing knitting talent. Soon you'll have a fun filled project ready to give as a gift or a treat for the knitty kid in you.
Knit-Share-Go grab your needles!

Marg (always looking for the outwardly knitty and the inwardly joyful)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Greene County Fairgrounds
Waynesburg, PA

This weekend was filled with fiber, spinning, herding, and all 'round fun! A small event that was jampacked with wonderful vendors, demos and activities in a rural setting. The predicted rain went away and the sun came out to shine on us.

Here are a few of my favorite vendors and events from the day. Enjoy!

Sheep and

Duck Herding...there was a small slide and pool for the ducks who would not be herded to by the herding dog but eventually slid down when the show was over. Ducks and cats, right? Not the most herdable animals. There were also adorable puppies attending while the mama dog rested in the RV.

A whole lot of spinning and weaving going on along with demos and a shawl knitting contest ...

Some of my favorite vendors attending...

Visit Bitsy Cohen's BitsyKnits. Be sure and and check out info on SpinOlution - a very portable, uusable spinning wheel that will delight spinners! I saw it in person and was blown away. There is a SpinOlution group on Ravelry. Visit her shop on Etsy... BitsyKnits on Etsy.

Aboundingful Farm booth is where I found this adorable Knitting in Progress pin (story of a knitters life) that I just couldn't walk away from.

FlyingFibers located in Lancaster Pa (Jeri Robinson-Lawrence) Hand Painted Fibers and wearable fiber art.

Handwoven By Tina from Holtwood PA (Tiny Volz) (Beautiful Handwoven gift items)
Spglassworks (Beverly Lamoureux) Shipyard Point Glassworks (aMazing glass buttons, beads and more!)
That's my travel journal entry for today -

Marg ( remembering that good things come to small towns...and to never overlook a knitty opportunity no matter the weather or location)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Kindle lover and owner? Knit 1 for the Road blog reader? Well, there's some great news for you today. You can download Knit 1 for the Road blog now for a low price of $1.99 per month and have it auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle and updated throughout the day so you can stay current. You'll never have to miss a blog-a-roo...Hooray!

Knit 1 for the Road (the book) is still available in paperback ....

and Kindle download, as well.

Now you can have Knit 1 for the Road roadside knitting news, interviews and more everywhere you roam.

Marg (always looking for more ways to help you stay knitty and wearing a fabulous scarf from Madison Gre on Etsy!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Okay, gather 'round - this is genius! Thanks to Vogue Knitting, you can now create a personalized knit book filled with your fav Vogue Knitting patterns. This is SOOOO cool - I had to do a second blog today just for you! These books make a super duper gift or a treat for yourself. You design the cover, pick out the patterns -edit and they print it! Need more details? Please check out the site and soak up the joy. We heart you big time Vogue Knitting!
Time to get your creative groove on...
Marg (groovin' on down the knitty road)


The Nantucket BaggTM in 3 new colors!
The Nantucket Ditty Bagg has been a fav of mine for awhile. Originally designed by a master carpenter, it has evolved into a bag of many uses. It allows you to store your knitty goods for travel or to organize at home, in a sturdy and washable bag that opens so that you can actually see all of your items inside. I take it with me on trips, concerts in the park and other locations and now the Nantucket Bagg Company has come up with more colors to enjoy. Yay! Hooray! Stop by and check out the roomy goodness and details (there's even a slide show of bags) and decide for yourself. You might want to grab one for the man in your life too, since he's going to probably want to borrow yours!
I'm still waiting for my cement encrusted pink bucket, tupperware and assorted mixing containers to be returned or replaced after a major home remodel by the man in my life. Dreaming on....
Marg (knitting new patterns for upcoming book)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One of my favorite patterns (#111-3 - last picture in the last row) for the spring and summer. Suggested yarn - Safran.

Just when we were giving up on ever being able to afford incredible fibers, here comes Garnstudio/DropsDesign to make our knitty and crochet dreams come true. They have everything you can imagine for your projects from trendy new blends to play with and explore to wonderful basics such as pure wool, mohair and cotton that we rely on as a staple. There are also fun patterns, needles, retailers and helpful info on their site. If mighty fine fiber at great prices makes you a happy camper than visit Nordicmart for the full array of Garnstudio products.

Dream it - Make it and let the creative times roll.

Marg (dreaming of new projects)

Monday, May 11, 2009


One of my embroidery pillowcase projects.

Embroidery seems to be popping up everywhere and is becomming more and more popular. It's a wonderful warm weather project for home and family, lightweight and colorful. I know my faithful knitty readers are going ack! Hang on there - I'm not suggesting tossing out the knitting here - just taking a crafty stroll down another (or for some) new path.

Afterall, it was my love for embroidery that led me to try knitting and crochet. Childhood summers were spent reading, embroidering borders on my pillowcases and going to the beach.

To get you started, I found a great series of videos from stitchingcow that go over all the basics for you.

A couple of sites that I visit for free resources, links and patterns ...

And for those who love embroidered items but don't want to make projects...try fabulous and help support the handmade revolution.
Not a traditional guy or gal? No problem, designs don't have to be traditional. Go for designs that inspire you and fit into your lifestyle and you will discover your own needleart style!
If you've been sitting on the fence about learning to embroider, or if you used to love making embroidered projects, I hope this will encourage you to give it a try this summer.
Knit-Share-Go create something wonderful.

Marg (embracing butterflies, bees and all needlearts)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


"Kit contains bamboo knitting needles, 100% washable lambswool - available in 4 colors, a darning needle, a yarn cutter, a needle threader, a ruler, a "How-To Knit" card and 3 different patterns. Plus it comes in its own carrying case!"

Today, Laurie Gonyea of
Knit Outta the Box has graciously taken time out of her busy day to be interviewed on Knit1fortheRoad. I first met this dynamic designer at StitchesEast this year and bought one of her portable kits. We LOVE all knitty things portable! Gather round the knitting couch with your needles and java and enjoy!

Q. Welcome Laurie! Please tell our readers who taught you how to knit.

A. Hi Margaret, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of your blog. My mother taught me when I was 6 years old. I was a child of the 60’s and 70's and my mom didn't actually knit very much herself because she was one of the few mothers who worked full-time. I do remember her working on an afghan for pretty much my entire childhood, though. It was one of those beautiful sampler patterns – a different stitch for each square. I remember thumbing through the pattern book that she kept in her knitting basket and being fascinated by all of the beautiful stitches. In fact, a friend of mine, whose mother recently died, brought over all of her mom’s knitting stuff and she had a copy of the pattern book! I was thrilled. It was called, Knitting Primer, 100 Easy-to-Knit Stitches, Vol.34 by Bucilla, Bear Brand, Fleisher, Botany. It was from 1968.

Q. When did you come up with the concept of Knit Outta the Box and what inspired you to start that incredible journey of owning your own business?

A. The idea for
Knit Outta the Box came to me at the airport. My flight was delayed and I had forgotten my knitting. I scoured the airport gift shops and came up empty handed. I was desperate to knit and probably would have paid anything for some needles and yarn. Once back home I came up with the idea of offering a knitting kit for the “desperate knitter.” The patterns would be simple, because the desperate knitter doesn’t need to knit something complicated, they just need to knit. And the kits would contain everything needed to complete the project – yarn, needles, and all of the notions. It would be totally portable – something I understand is near and dear to your heart as well!
You are right in saying it’s an incredible journey! Everyday I’m learning something new about running my own business.

Q. Many of us are small business owners and we all have to learn how to juggle the responsibilities. What aspect of the business do you find the easiest for you and what part challenges you the most?

A. That’s an easy one. I find the creative aspect of it the easiest – surprise, surprise. Coming up with the packaging and patterns, was great fun. I loved researching for suppliers. I have met some wonderful people, many who have been more than generous in helping me launch my business. I don't love bookkeeping, so I've learned my lesson and hired a bookkeeper so that I can focus more on the design and marketing aspect of the business.

Q. Two of the qualities I admire most about your product and designs are your sense of color and clean design. Many of your designs have been featured in books, magazines and most recently, Interweave Knits. You’ve also gotten a much coveted write up in the What’s New section (page 13) of the Spring/Summer 2009 Vogue Knitting. When you see your kit or designs in print, what emotions do you feel?

A. I’m telling you, it is the biggest thrill! When Eunny Jang, from Interweave, called to say they would like to include my pattern in their Holiday Gifts issue we had a bad connection. I didn’t know who I was talking to, so I had ask. When she said, Eunny Jang, I just about died!. The call I’d been waiting for for months finally came and it sounded like I didn’t even know who they were! I was so embarrassed.
As for the Vogue mention, I had no idea! A friend of mine told me about it. Of course I immediately ran out and bought enough copies to send to everyone in my family.

Q. How thrilling! Many of our readers would like to know how you balance being a designer and business person. Do you have any techniques that you use to keep it all together?

A. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t been designing that much lately. This business has been pretty much all consuming. My family would probably take issue with the “keeping it all together” part, but I try to work only when my kids are at school. One thing I try to do every day is take a walk. I know that sounds corny, but I get a tremendous amount of thinking done on my walks. I always seem to have a million different ideas floating around in my head, and the walk helps me to prioritize.

Q. Who are your favorite designers and/or mentors? Do you have one of their projects on your needles right now?

A. I would have to say that my favorite designer is probably, Cheryl Oberle. I have attended her retreats out in Taos, NM for the past two years and they are amazing. She is an old soul who has an amazing gift of passing her serenity on to others. If you ever get the chance to attend one of her retreats, do it.
I’m ashamed to say that I don’t have a project going right now, but I did just finish the Whisper Cardigan, by
Hannah Fettig, that was in the spring issue of Interweave. It’s a great pattern.

Q. Have you found that people in the knitting community have reached out to you along the way and offered advice, help and encouragement?

A. Yes! Annie Modesitt, bless her heart, passed my name along to a woman who was blogging about knitting kits. It turned out she is a small business consultant and we are now doing some work together. I also have a very close friend who owns, Woolwinders, a yarn store in Rockville, Maryland. I have used her as my sounding board from the beginning. She is the one who really convinced me that I had a great idea and that I should run with it. I keep telling her, after I make my first million, I’m going to split it with her!

Q. What inspires you most about your business to jump out of bed and get going?

A. Knowing that every day I’m one step closer to putting knitting in the hands of those who need and want it. I really want these kits to be in every hospital and airport in the country. I want them to be like chewing gum or a candy bar – when you need it you can easily find it!
I find it amazing that I have accomplished what I have in such a short amount of time. I’m not sure if I mentioned this to you, but I have only been selling my kits for 6 months and only came up with the idea at the beginning of last year. In fact, you were one of my first customers at Stitches in Baltimore.

I have to put a word in here about my family – my husband and my daughters, Callie and Gigi. They have been incredibly supportive, even though the Knit Outta the Box World Headquarters has taken over our basement! I certainly wouldn’t have been able to pull this off if I didn’t have their support. When I needed to stuff 1000 boxes, Callie called all of her friends over for a “stuffing party”. All I had to do was supply the pizza. That’s what I call cost efficient!

Q. Laurie, do you have any goals, new information, or dreams for your business and designs that you would like to share with the readers?

A. Actually, I’m in the process of introducing two new products to my line. One is a baby sweater kit and the other is a baby hat & booties kit. I find new inspiration for kits and products everyday, but you'll just have to wait and see!
I started this all as a way to fund my daughter's college education and everyday I say how lucky and blessed I am to be doing something I'm really passionate about.

Laurie, your passion for knitting, business and creativity certainly shines through for everyone to see and it's really inspiring. Thank you so much for the interview and I know the readers are excited to Knit Outta the Box!

If you would like more information about Laurie's events, press, patterns and kits, as well as stores that carry her products, please visit Knit Outta the Box.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Where can you grab your fabulous fashion, art and recycled crafty pull tab creation for a worthy cause fix all on one site! EscamaStudio - that's where!

There's even a fashion video with a cameo appearance by Chris March of Project Runway, Season 4. Learn about the fantabulous Brazillian designer Ronaldo Fraga and see his boundary busting haute couture collection.
You will also hear a short interview with Francisca and Chica Rosa, the creative heads in Brazil in the video and learn how creating fashion from pull tabs helps the women in their community.

Read how collecting and donating pop pull tabs can help the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

There's even a crochet tutorial to help you learn how to make your own creations with pull tabs.

What a way to start the day. Art, craft, recycling, charity and fashion! It's going to be a great day.

Marg (dreaming of the possibilities)

Monday, May 4, 2009

ADVENTURES IN FreeForm Knitting and Crochet

Knitting and crochet are like any physical endeavor - to get the most enjoyment, free flowing creativity and great results, you have to shake things up a little and try a new technique. Scrumbling, anyone?

Challenge the brain cells and have fun at the same time. Check out these sites to get you inspired and going on the freeform path.

Ideas for color and shapes - start here!

International Free Form Crochet Guild

has info and links to get you hooking in no time.

Article and description from Suite101

Knit freeform advice and tips from designer Nata Mohn.

Want more? Try these books...

Knitting and crochet freeform books

Start your new adventure today!

Marg (going freeform today-tallyho!)

Friday, May 1, 2009

IN SEARCH OF fiberfantastic opportunities

Attention knitties and hookers (of the crochet variety), if you are anywhere near Friendship, MD, grab your pimped out sneakers, needles and hooks and head out for this extravaganza. Visit the site for more info on classes, exhibits, vendors, and location.

The 36th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival will be held on May 2 & 3, 2009, at the Howard County Fairgrounds

2210 Fairground RoadWest Friendship, MD21794-9604

Remember to wear your Ravelry teeshirts, bags, or buttons to the event and enjoy the community of fellow Ravelers!

Marg (always searching for fellow Rowdy Ravelers wherever I roam)


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