Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sightings of unique knitting wonders...

Sightings of knitting wonders abound this weekend.  Check out Vickie Howell's 10ft. tree sports Sheepish Yarn at the Crafts and Hobbies Convention on Facebook...along with her Yarn Bombed Deer (no animals were hurt in this knitting adventure).  Skip on over to a fabulous hotel where knitting rules at Hotel Pelirocco in the U.K.  There are several types of themed rooms to choose from and something for everyone.

Thanks for all the kind comments, tweets, and emails.  We are all slowly getting bact to normal around here.  Molly continues to improve.

It's a knitting world!  Now, hurry back to your Sunday evening knitting. 


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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mighty Max

This is a difficult blog for me. Our little buddy, Max passed away suddenly yesterday.  We are all devasted at loosing him at such a young age and I will be taking a few days away to process everything.  This has bascially been my worst case scenario as a pet owner. Max had some kind of viral infection that aggressively took his life.  It was not parvo, but something just as deadly.  Our vet is contacting several other dog owners who have had dogs that have died in the past month in this manner, to see if there is a common link, place, food or something they all have in common.  One dog, so far, has survived because the dog was brought in for a routine exam and the vet caught it in time.  If I receive any answers, I will definitely post them for you.  Many of you own dogs, or know loved ones with dogs and all I can do, at this point, is share the info.  We were extremely cautious with ours and yet this has happened. Molly developed symptoms Sunday and our vet is aggressively working with us to make sure that everything is done to keep her well.  Thanks to Dr Chad for gently working with Max and Molly and helping us through this crisis.  I am staying close to Molly and taking care of her, so I may not blog again this week. We are optimistic that she will be alright.

Our pets and children teach us how to love, new ways to experience life, and a lot about ourselves.  Max had a kapow!!! attitude as soon as he woke up in the morning and was ready for anything.  He was a constant companion, loved adventure and taking toys away from his big sis.  Max also struggled to please us, even if it meant curbing his desire to be the alpha dog at all times. He will be missed.

Thanks for reading today. If you've had a similar experience happen in your life - you know. 

Margaret (Max's biggest fan)

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

smile, measure, and organize your way through...

Fun new items for 2012 to help you organize, measure, and smile are here.  Yay! 
There's the TAPE MEASURE WITH MAGNET AND CORD (what a great idea!) and the 

Crochet Happy Tape Measure to add to your collection. 

Consider the new bag called Nantucket Iddy Bagg. It's a versatile multipurpose bag that can convert into a tool belt, backpack or roll. This drawstring bag is only 6"x9"x3/12" when zipped and includes six pockets. 

The Thomas Joseph 2012 Calendar is the perfect yarnie calendar for you desk. It comes packaged in a flip-stand case for your viewing pleasure.

My last, but certainly not least new item is the drawstring Edict Project Bag... "Paws Off My Knitting"
It's large enough for your on the go projects...11"x12" and comes in several colors.

Hope you're having a great week.
Keep your knitting heart, your sharp mind, and your wonder girl or guy ways until next time.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Thirteen great reasons to stay crafty this weekend...

It's Friday the 13th and the beginning of another knit, crochet and crafting weekend.  Here are thirteen lucky patterns to relax and wrap yourself in....

LionBrand free knit and crochedt patterns:
Tranquil Comfort Shawl crochet pattern

RedHeart free knit and crochet patterns:
Baby Girl Sweater Crochet Pattern
Cabled Classic Throw Knitting Pattern 
Lacy Toe-Up Socks Knitting Pattern

Scarf for Dad Knitting Pattern

Caron International free knit and crochet patterns:
PomPom Knit Shrug
Knit It Tonight Cowl
Shrug It Off (knit shrug)
Knit Cropped HoodieVest and Knit Cozy Jacket from Big Beautiful Patterns XXL and up
Knit Gradient Garter Baby Blanket
Crochet TooDee Frutti Poncho Toddler Poncho

and for the pooches, try this crafty project, 
How to Make a Recycled Dog Sweater from and put those old sweaters to good use.  Grab a crafty friend(s) to help and make it a winter charity project!

Thirteen great reasons to knit,crochet, and stay crafty this weekend.
Margaret (riding the crafty wave- kawabunga!)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yarn substitution please!

We've all been there.  The pattern we choose uses yarn that has been discontinued since the publication of the pattern, too expensive for our budget, or we have stash yarn just waiting for a chance to sub.  No worries!  It's time for some handy info on smart ways to substitute yarn so that everyone walks away inspired with no headaches.   Rare right?  First off, read your pattern to see if the designer has included substitution suggestions or tips.  The internet has made it easy to contact designers and many are happy to help point you in the right direction, and it would probably be helpful to limit your questions to their patterns, specifically.

Here are some helpful places for you to check out on this not so scarey subject once you get the facts.  I use often for the latest info on yarn and yarn availablity.  If you have a knitting teacher or experienced knitter nearby, ask them to give you some help, especially if you are new to knitting.

Substituting Yarn from Knit Simple

Yarn Info Finder from Elann

Need to Substitute Yarn from Jimmy Bean's Wool

How to Substitute Yarn in a Knitting Pattern at

Always remember to check your gauge, choose wisely and you'll be knitting and crocheting with no fears and no headaches in 2012.

Remember, gauge is your best friend!
 Wear your hand knit and crochet projects wherever you roam.

The Woman Scarf, from Knit 1 for the Road is made with Vegas.  Available on Amazon, Kindle & MargKnittingARound in paperback and as a digital download.  Knit Knitavian Style; Allow your knitting adventures to begin available at MargKnittingARound, Amazon and AuthorHouse Bookstore.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Handy knit and crochet in 2012!

Check out these apps, Knit Handy and Crochet Handy from Interweave and now available for your handy devices from the iTunes Store.  Ann Budd has cleverly transformed her Knitter's and Crocheters Handy Guides to Yarn Requirements to app form to help you with your projects on the go.

Crochet Handy offers you ease in determining how much yarn you need for crochet projects which is quite handy indeed in these days of tight budgets and needing to reducing waste. The app is easy to use and appropriate for all skill levels. It's a good start to the new crochet year. Love it!

Knit Handy also makes a cool tool for the knitter. I'm a big fan of her Ann's Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements, so this app is exciting for me. 

These are just a couple of tools that you might find helpful.  There's no substitution for your library of knit and crochet goodness at home or on your computer, but hey, when you're in a pinch these handy apps can keep you on track.  You will find yourself relying on them more and more.

Toni of Crochet me gives a helpful little tutorial of the crochet app for you in her latest newsletter.  Check it out and enjoy an opportunity to knit or crochet today!

Margaret (it's going to be a trendy tech knitting kind of day)

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's never to late to learn...

It's been a few days and I've missed blogging, but between work and the new year coming in full force I have  to admit to being a bit distracted.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready to grapple with new ideas, creative endeavors and some mighty fine stitching.  One of my resolutions every year is to learn something new about subjects I'm interested in - like knitting!  It's never to late to learn a new stitch, technique or approach to your knitting.  Take some time to discover something new about yourself through your knitting experience and don't forget to share it with us. 

Here's a cool tutorial from Kathleen Cubley, the editor of Knitting Daily called Better Buttonholes that takes the mystery out of a simple way to embellish your knit projects.  Don't be afraid of that button!  Embrace it.

Visit Devin's Bookstore for signed copies of her books.

Yesterday I started reading a book by Devin O'Branagan called Glory, The Legend Begins. I couldn't put the book down. Normally, I lack concentration these days for reading, but this intriguing story really kept my attention.  Here is the perfect description taken from the book: 'Twilight meets The DaVinci Code...'  Visit Devin's website for the full  scoop.  Whenever I find a book that rocks, I share.  I just can't keep it to myself (lol) especially when there is a main dog character named Hallelujah...same goes for a cool knit/crochet pattern or something funny the Yorkie clowns do around here.

Knitting update: The chemo cap continues to grow and I will have enough to ship out soon. Yay!

Happy knitting in 2012 and beyond...

Margaret (growing, reaching, searching - it's a new year full of possibilites)

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Lolly Luscious Hat from Knit Knitavian Style

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this is a knit pattern, not the actual hat.

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